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Health Tips: These things weaken immunity, make distance to avoid corona

Health Tips: The risk of corona infection has remained for the last two years. While there was a decrease in the cases of corona in the last months, people had become somewhat fearless about the infection after both the vaccine dose and the booster dose were given. However, after the arrival of a new variant of Corona in China and in view of the spurt in the cases of infection, the concern about infection has again increased among the people. In such a situation, experts are advising to adopt necessary measures to prevent corona. Infection can enter the human body only when the immunity is weak. In such a situation, along with social distance, cleanliness etc., it is also advised to increase immunity. People know that immunity can be strengthened by nutritious food. In the last two years, people have come to know to some extent what things have to be consumed for this. However, the consumption of which things are fatal for immunity or makes the immunity weak, also know about it. Let us know what are the things that make immunity weak and what things need to be kept away from to prevent corona.

things that weaken immunity

Fine flour

Often people consume things made of white flour. Health experts advise not to eat flour. Consuming things made of white flour can cause a lot of damage. According to experts, refined flour sticks to the intestines and hinders digestion. Excess intake of flour can complain of constipation. At the same time, it also makes the immunity of the body weak.

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Many people like to drink soda. Although soda is considered injurious to health. Consumption of soda can weaken the immunity. If corona infection is to be prevented, then the consumption of soda should be avoided to strengthen the immunity. Apart from this, soda can be very harmful. It also affects the digestive power.


Alcohol is considered very harmful. Drinking alcohol can cause liver disease. Apart from this, consumption of alcohol also weakens the immunity. In such a situation, those who consume alcohol can easily come under the grip of corona. Abstain from alcohol consumption for liver health and to prevent Covid 19.


Although smoking is considered harmful for the lungs, but it can also weaken immunity. Experts recommend not smoking. Cigarettes should not be consumed at all for the overall health of the body.


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