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Health Tips: These nutrients are very important to keep the brain healthy, do you have enough of them in your diet?

Healthy nutrition is needed to keep the body healthy and functioning optimally. Are we all consuming nutritious things on a daily basis? Keep in mind, nutritional deficiencies can not only cause a lack of energy for the body, but can also affect brain health. Brain is only 3 percent of our body but it plays a vital role in the functioning of the whole body. Controls memory, thoughts, emotions and all processes taking place in the body. In such a situation, continuous efforts are necessary to keep this organ healthy.

Dieticians say that our brain needs certain nutrients on a daily basis to function optimally, although most of the people are lacking in these nutrients in their diet. Due to the lack of nutrition in the diet, there can be a risk of developing many types of diseases.

Let us know what nutrients our brain needs on a daily basis and what can be consumed for this?

Omega 3

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Omega-3 fatty acids are required by our body on a regular basis, it is an essential element for providing healthy nutrition to the brain. It is helpful in enhancing memory and learning ability along with keeping the brain functioning better. Studies have found that consuming foods rich in this nutrient is associated with a lower risk of mental health disorders such as depression. For this, fishes, nuts and plant based oils can be consumed.

Iron is essential for healthy functioning

Ensuring the amount of iron in the diet is considered essential for keeping the brain healthy. Iron deficiency can impair cognitive development, DNA synthesis, actions of neurotransmitters. Researchers found that people who regularly consumed dairy products and green vegetables had better levels of iron in their brains. These things must be included in the diet.

Increase intake of Vitamin B12

You must include things containing vitamin B12 in your diet. It is considered essential for maintaining mood, mental health and functioning. Deficiency of this vitamin is known to be the main cause of memory related disorders. This vitamin may also play an important role in preventing brain atrophy. For this, eat meat, fish, eggs, green vegetables and nuts.

Vitamin-D is also necessary

Most people believe that vitamin D is only necessary for bone development and the immune system, although it has been found to be equally important for the brain. It prevents the risk of dementia in the elderly. People with vitamin-D deficiency have been shown to have a higher risk of cognitive health disorders. Sunlight is considered the best source for this vitamin. Its requirements can also be met by including mushrooms, peanuts, eggs, dairy products in the diet.


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