Health Tips: Never eat these things with bitter gourd, health can be harmed

Health Tips: Foods To Avoid With Bitter Gourd: Health experts recommend nutritious food for better health. For this, fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts etc. are considered beneficial for health. Many food items also have medicinal properties. Often elders recommend eating fresh vegetables. Health is better by consuming vegetables. Immunity is strengthened and many diseases are prevented. Bitter gourd is said to be very effective when it comes to nutritious vegetables. Along with reducing weight, bitter gourd also reduces cholesterol level. At the same time, it is also good for heart rate. There are many benefits of consuming bitter gourd, but not consuming it properly can also be harmful. Consumption of some things with bitter gourd is strictly prohibited. Bitter gourd with medicinal properties can act like poison when mixed with some food items. Let us know with which things bitter gourd should not be mixed.

do not eat these things with bitter gourd


Bitter gourd is beneficial for health, while milk is also very nutritious, but if you are thinking of eating bitter gourd and milk together, then it can have the opposite effect. Never drink milk after eating bitter gourd. This can cause stomach problems. Consuming milk after bitter gourd can cause constipation, pain and burning sensation.


The effect of radish is different from the effect of bitter gourd. That’s why never eat radish or things made from radish after eating bitter gourd. Eating radish and bitter gourd together can cause complaints of phlegm and acidity in the throat.


Curd should not be consumed after bitter gourd vegetable or juice etc. Eating bitter gourd and curd together can cause skin problems. There is a possibility of skin rashes with its use.


Vegetables of lady finger and bitter gourd should also not be consumed together. Consuming both bitter gourd and okra together can complain of indigestion. There can be difficulty in digesting okra with bitter gourd.