Health Tips: ‘If digestion is good then health is better’, definitely include these things with prebiotics in the diet

How healthy our body is can be better gauged from the digestive health. From digestion of food to absorption of nutrients from it, it is considered very important for the digestive organs to function properly and to remain healthy. Doctors say, keeping digestion right can help reduce the risk of many serious diseases. For this it is very important to choose a healthy diet. Including foods with prebiotics in the diet can help promote good gut bacteria and reduce the risk of digestive disorders.

Usually, the first thing that comes to mind when we mention prebiotics is curd, but apart from curd, there are many such foods from which prebiotics needed by the body can be easily obtained.

Probiotics help maintain good bacteria in the intestines, which helps in proper digestion of food and also increases the absorption of nutrients. Let’s know what other things can be made a part of the diet for probiotics apart from curd?

Raw cheese is also a source of probiotics

Raw cheese is an excellent source of probiotics, although cooking it reduces these benefits. The habit of eating raw paneer is also helpful in supplying protein and calcium to the body. Studies have found that eating raw paneer regularly can be helpful in meeting the essential protein requirements of the body easily. It is also very beneficial for the intestines.

Probiotics in Dark Chocolate

Consuming dark chocolate provides a variety of benefits, most studies have shown it to be beneficial in reducing stress and controlling blood pressure, but did you know that it also contains probiotics. A study in the International Journal of Food Microbiology (2010) found that probiotics in dark chocolate work better on the stomach and small intestine than yogurt.

Apple also contains probiotics

It is rightly said, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Apples are known to be rich in dietary fiber and probiotics. Consuming apples helps in replenishing the body with vitamins and minerals and keeping the gut healthy. Also provides essential probiotics. This is the reason why apples are considered to be one of the better fruits for digestion. Making a habit of eating apples regularly is very beneficial for the body.

benefits of flax seeds

Flaxseeds are another important source of prebiotics. Flaxseeds contain fiber and prebiotics that promote gut bacteria. It is helpful in digesting food and absorbing nutrients. Flaxseed has also been used as a home remedy for many years for a variety of health benefits.


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