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Health Tips: Expert’s advice- Make such habits that keep both physical and mental health good, routine should be like this

To keep the body completely fit and healthy, attention needs to be paid to maintaining both physical and mental health. Health experts say, often we all take measures for physical health, but mental health is ignored knowingly or unknowingly. However, a healthy body cannot be imagined without a healthy mind. So why not keep the routine in such a way that it can help in maintaining overall health. Actually it is not that difficult, just by taking care of some simple things, you can get better health.

We have entered the new year with new hopes. Why not move forward this year with the aim of better health? Health experts say that lifestyle and dietary disturbances are being considered as the main reason for most of the diseases of the present time, in which some simple improvements can help you in gaining overall health.

Let us understand further about this. Some good habits can be helpful in maintaining both physical and mental health.

stay away from alcohol

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The researchers found that the habit of drinking alcohol can have serious negative effects on both physical and mental health. Alcohol not only damages the liver, but it also increases the risk of heart muscle problems and cancer. Apart from this, the risk of disorders like anxiety-stress also increases due to drinking alcohol. In such a situation, overall health can be kept better by keeping distance from alcohol.

Healthy diet keeps body and mind healthy

To keep the body healthy, it is very important to take care of the nutrition of the diet. Consuming a diet rich in vitamins and minerals is also beneficial in building strong immunity to fight infectious diseases along with providing energy to work. Apart from this, the nutrition of the diet is also very important to keep the mind calm and to increase the ability to think and remember.

Benefits of regular yoga-exercise

The habit of daily exercise has a positive effect on both physical and mental health. The risk of complications of heart disease-diabetes is less in those who do regular yoga-exercise, as well as it is beneficial for you in keeping the mind calm and protecting from stress. Yoga can reduce the risk of serious diseases, as well as it is also helpful in providing relief to people suffering from the problem of depression.

make a habit of sleeping well

Getting 6-8 hours of sleep every night is essential for both mental and physical health. Due to lack of adequate sleep, there is a risk of heart and metabolic diseases. Apart from this, the risk of mental disorders has also been seen more in people whose sleep is not complete. Good sleep is helpful in keeping you energetic as well as keeping the mind calm and the body healthy.


note: This article has been prepared on the basis of medical reports and suggestions from health experts.

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