Health Tips: Do fingers and toes swell in winter? Know the reason and home remedies

Health Tips: There is a danger of many types of viral diseases in the winter season. Cold and fever are common, as well as in this season people often complain that their fingers and toes get swollen. Extreme cold can cause fingers to become stiff and lose function, but swelling is also a common problem. People get upset due to swelling of hands and toes. There is also a reason for swelling in the body in severe cold. On the other hand, if there is swelling in your fingers too, then there is no need to worry, it can be relieved from swelling by adopting some home remedies. let’s know Why do fingers and toes swell in winter, what is its treatment and prevention methods.

Causes of swelling in the body in winter

In cold weather, the tiny blood vessels present near the surface of the skin get constricted, due to which swelling can occur. On the other hand, when it gets heated and starts spreading in the veins, it spreads to the surrounding tissue causing swelling. Due to this, there is a complaint of pain and itching due to problems in the nerves.

way to reduce swelling

normal temperature

If there is swelling or itching in the hands and toes due to cold, then keep the hands and feet in the blanket for some time. Gradually, the problem will be cured when the body is in normal temperature. Take care not to come in direct contact with anything hot. This may increase the problem.

Mustard oil

Massage with mustard oil to get relief from swelling or pain in hands and toes. This gives relief from swelling. Garlic buds can also be mixed with lukewarm oil and applied on the body.

wash hands and feet with lukewarm water

He does not feel like touching the cold water of winter. Therefore, if there is swelling in hands and toes, avoid cold water and wash hands and feet with lukewarm water.