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Health Tips: Corona can increase problems for those with weak immunity, know how to be safe from the risks?

The way the risk of corona infection is seen increasing in many countries of the world, it has increased the concern of the people. Studies have found that although cases of serious disease are less in case of infection with BF.7 variant, but people whose immune system is weak, or those who are victims of comorbidity, this variant can also be problematic for them. Could In view of such risk, health experts advise all people to continue to follow Covid Appropriate Behavior.

Doctors say, along with measures to prevent corona, once again all people should start using immunity boosting methods.

During the previous waves of Corona, people used many types of immunity booster methods. Experts say, strengthening immunity is a continuous process, it requires continuous efforts. Some lifestyle and dietary changes can be helpful for you in this. Let us know what measures can be taken to increase immunity?

eat a healthy diet

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harvard health report According to it, it is most important to consume a healthy diet to keep the body healthy and strengthen the immune system. For this, fruits and vegetables, protein foods, whole grains and dairy products should be included in the diet. Avoid consuming saturated fat, cholesterol, salt and sugar in excess. Eating a healthy diet provides the body with many nutrients that are helpful in building an optimal immune system.

exercise-yoga necessary

Regular physical activity, including yoga, can help you feel better, sleep better, and reduce anxiety. Along with a healthy diet, regular physical activity helps balance hormones and control weight, boost immunity and reduce the risk of diseases.

Alcohol-smoking enemies of health

Smoking and alcohol are considered very injurious to health, their consumption weakens the body’s ability to fight disease. Smoking increases the risk of immune system problems including rheumatoid arthritis, lung diseases. In addition, alcohol consumption can weaken the immune system, making such people more at risk of developing infections and diseases.

good sleep is very important

To keep immunity strong, it is very important to have a good sleep along with diet and exercise. Studies show that lack of sleep can negatively affect the immune system. People who do not get enough sleep, along with psychiatric diseases like anxiety-stress, the risk of heart disease-blood pressure is also high. Make sure to get 6-8 hours of sleep daily.


note: This article has been prepared on the basis of medical reports and suggestions from health experts.

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