Health Tips: Cake-cookies can increase weight-sugar level in Christmas celebration, take care of your health like this

The year 2022 is moving towards its end. The season of Christmas-New Year celebrations and holidays is also starting. Today is the celebration of Christmas, the birthday of Lord Jesus is celebrated with pomp across the country. People enjoy the festival by feeding each other cakes. Health experts say, in the midst of all this, there is a need to be alert about health. Negligence in diet can increase your sugar level and weight during the festive season.

Many people gain weight around the holidays, say dietitians. On the other hand, if you are a diabetic then you need to be more careful, cake-cookies etc. can increase the sugar level. In this festive season, there should not be any carelessness regarding health.

Let us know that while controlling weight and sugar level, what are the important things to keep in mind to avoid any kind of health problems?

What is the advice of health experts?

Health experts say that this time of Christmas-New Year holidays is full of enthusiasm and joy, but in the midst of all this, health should not be neglected. A study of 1,000 people in the UK, Portugal and Denmark found that people gained an average of two per cent weight over the Christmas period. The problem of weight gain, and not taking care of it, can increase the risk of many types of chronic diseases in the long term. In this season of festivals, special care should be taken regarding some things.

Be careful about food and drink

Do not ignore health during Christmas-New Year parties, take special care of diet. Eat healthy diet. Avoid eating cakes and cookies in excess, these things are not only at risk of increasing the sugar level, but they can also lead to rapid weight gain. Include seasonal fruits and vegetables in the diet. Consume fruit-vegetable juices that detox the body.

exercise is very important

The habit of regular exercise is considered most essential in keeping the body healthy and controlling weight. With this both weight and sugar level can be controlled. Continue yoga-exercise even during the holiday season. These are helpful in burning calories faster, which reduces the risk of weight gain. Always keep health in priority.


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