Health talk: Researchers warn – drinking less water can reduce your age, know what are its other side effects?

In many studies, health experts have been advising all people to keep drinking plenty of water. Due to the lack of water in the body, not only in summer, but also in this winter season. prone to dehydration It is possible Health experts say that to keep the body healthy, all people must drink at least 3-4 liters of water daily. Lack of water can have negative effects in many ways, from digestion to overall health.

In a study, scientists found that people who do not drink enough water may also have a shorter lifespan. The Lancet Journal In the study published in, researchers show that people who drink less water have seen more problems like rapid aging and reduced life span. Not only this, even at the age of 50, people who paid special attention to hydration have seen a reduced risk of diseases and premature death due to many reasons.

On this basis, experts say, all people should keep drinking sufficient amount of water daily.

What did the study find?

In this study, researchers have tried to know how drinking water can affect the duration of life? The study found that people who drink less water may have higher serum sodium levels. The normal level of sodium in the blood of a healthy person should be 135-145 mmol per liter. Its level increases due to lack of water.

Those with sodium levels above 144 mmol per liter were found to have a 21 per cent higher risk of premature mortality. It can also be a problem increasing the risk of chronic diseases by 39 percent, which causes premature death.

There can be many other disadvantages of drinking less water.

fatigue problem

Due to drinking less water, there is a problem of reduction in energy level due to which you may feel tired-weakness often. Water helps keep your mind alert and body balanced. Dizziness can also be a problem in case of dehydration.

Health experts say, the body needs adequate water even in cold weather, special care should be taken of it.

kidney stone problem

Not drinking enough water can also affect the normal functioning of the kidneys and make filtration very difficult for the kidneys. This condition can also cause accumulation of wastes in the kidneys. Kidney stone It is known as a major reason for becoming.

Doctors say, even if you have kidney stone problem, it can be easy to take it out by increasing the amount of water.

effects on brain health

The effect of drinking less water can also cause problems for the brain. A study published in the journal Nutrients found that drinking enough water promotes brain health and is also helpful in improving memory and reducing mental drowsiness. In the event of dehydration, it becomes difficult for the brain to function normally, it can also be a problem affecting the secretion of hormones.


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