Health Talk: Does coughing and sneezing cause chest pain? Is it not a lung infection, know its symptoms and prevention

Cold and cough are quite common in this winter season, usually it is cured through simple home remedies and medicines. But do you have pain around the chest while coughing or sneezing? If yes then be careful about this type of situation. Ignoring such pain can lead to serious health complications. If you have been having this problem for some time, then contact the doctor in time and get it checked. It is also considered to be a complication caused by a chest infection.

Pain while coughing or sneezing is known as a medical condition called pleurisy, in which the pain gradually spreads to the shoulders and back. Pleurisy is a problem of inflammation in the pleura. The pleura is a thin membrane-like tissue lining the outside of your lungs that protects the lungs.

Not paying attention to the problem occurring in it can increase your health complications. Let us understand in further detail about the symptoms and methods of prevention of this problem.

Be careful with these symptoms

It is often difficult to differentiate between a problem of pleurisy and normal chest pain. However, the thing to note in this is that the pain of pleurisy increases on breathing, coughing or sneezing. In some people, it can also cause shortness of breath. Due to this, there can also be problems of fever and phlegm.

This problem can happen to a person of any age, so everyone is advised to take special precautions.

What is the problem of pleurisy?

Health experts say, there are many conditions that can cause pleurisy, so it is very important to know about its correct information and prevention. Viral infections such as flu (influenza), bacterial infections such as pneumonia, autoimmune disorders, tuberculosis, etc., increase the risk of such problems. Rib fracture or chest injury and side effects of medications have also been shown to increase the risk of developing such complications.

How is pleurisy treated?

Early detection of pleurisy can help in treating it and reducing its associated complications easily. For this, on the basis of investigation, an attempt is made to know about the reasons that cause pleurisy. If it is a problem caused by bacterial infection, then antibiotics are used in it. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are commonly used to treat pain and inflammation.

These measures can save

The risks of pleurisy can be reduced by taking care of some things in daily life. For this it is most important to quit smoking. Take special care of hygiene to prevent bacterial or viral infections. Washing hands is especially helpful for you in this. The habit of long and deep breathing exercises is helpful in keeping the lungs healthy and reducing the risks of diseases related to it.


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