Health Care: Know the causes and home remedies for swelling in the eyes of the baby in winter

Compared to other seasons, the immunity of babies becomes weak in winter, due to which many types of seasonal diseases infect the baby easily. A similar problem is swelling in the eyes, often in winter small babies suffer from swelling and redness in the eyes. The reason for this can be the effect of weather or any health related problem.

Eyes are the softest part of the body and when it comes to the eyes of a small child, then the parents’ trouble increases. Watery and puffy eyes are a common problem seen in most of the babies during winters. It can be caused by allergies, cold and dirt. Touching the baby’s eyes with dirty hands can also cause eye infection. If there is a pet in the house, its infection can cause swollen eyes of the baby. Let us know what can be the causes of swelling and infection in the eyes of infants in the winter season-

causes of swollen eyes in baby in winter
At birth, a baby has a normal swelling of the eye that gradually subsides over time. Due to the effect of winter, the baby’s eyes become red and swollen, which makes the baby uncomfortable. The baby is not bathed daily to protect it from the cold, which causes eye infections due to dirt. Blocked tear ducts can also be the cause. Blocked tear ducts are a type of bacterial infection. Allergy to something can also be the cause of infection in the eyes of the baby. Due to low temperature also the eyes of the baby get infected.

Types of swelling in baby’s eyes
If the baby’s eyes are able to open and the swelling is only in the eyelids, then it is normal swelling. If there is swelling around the eyelids and the eyes are able to open, then it is more than normal. If there is swelling in the skin around the eyes and the eyes are unable to open, then it is serious, for this you should consult a doctor.

Home remedies
Some simple home remedies can reduce puffy eyes in babies. Follow these measures only after seeing the level of swelling of the eyes.

warm water compress
Soak a clean cotton ball or cotton cloth in luke warm water and compress the baby’s eyes by squeezing it. This will give relief from swelling of the eyes and reduce redness. Do this two to three times a day.

eye cleaning
Clean your baby’s eyes regularly. It is necessary to clean the baby’s face and the area around the eyes and the side of the nose with lukewarm water daily. This will protect the baby’s eyes from common infections.

clean bed
Take special care of cleaning the baby’s bed, this will reduce bacterial infection. A clean bed will not cause any kind of allergy to the baby. Changing the baby’s bedsheets daily is also helpful in preventing eye infections.

green tea
If the age of the baby is more than one year, then soak green-tea bags in lukewarm water and keep them on the eyes of the baby. Keep in mind that keep T-bags above the eyes, using it in the inner part of the eyes can harm the eyes.

anti viral drops
Anti-viral drops are helpful in reducing inflammation of the eyes, it reduces common infections.

anti biotic eyedrops
If the age of the baby is more than one year, then using antibiotic eye drops can be beneficial in consultation with the doctor. According to NCBI research, it is safe for children’s eyes.

consult a doctor
If the swelling in the eyes is a common infection, then these home remedies will reduce in a day or two, if the swelling of the baby’s eyes is not reduced by the home remedies, then consult a doctor.

Disclaimer: The tips in this article are for general information only. Do not consider these tips and information as advice from any doctor or medical professional. In case of symptoms of any disease, do consult a doctor.