Has Corona affected the sex life of men? Shocking revelations in the study

Covid and male fertility: A research has been published in the Curious Journal of Medical. It has been told that how much the infection has affected the fertility of men who have been infected with Kovid.

Sperm count decreased in men due to corona infection

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Corona effects in sex life: Worldwide corona virus Due to which crores of people have died. Many side effects have come to the fore in people who have been infected with this virus. People are suffering from diseases related to heart, kidney and lungs. Now a new study has come out regarding the side effects of this virus on the body. In which it has been found that the fertility of men who have been infected with Kovid has been affected. The virus has affected the quality of men’s semen. this study Curious Journal of Medical Has been published in.

In this study, the semen (semen) of men infected with corona was tested, in which it has been found that the quality of semen has not been the same after Kovid. A team of doctors from Delhi, Patna and Mangalagiri AIIMS has done this study. In this, 30 men between the ages of 19 and 43 were included. All of them had been infected with Kovid. His first sperm test was done soon after the infection. Then the second test took place after about two and a half months. Even after this time, the quality of semen was found to be poor. Sperm quality is measured in three ways. In this, sperm count, shape of sperm and its movement are seen.

40 percent men’s sperm count is low

According to the study, in the first test, 40 percent of the men got low sperm count. When the second test was done after two and a half months, the quality of semen of three men was found to be very weak. The sperm count of 26 out of 30 men who participated in the study was not good, while the sperm movement of 22 was very slow. Although there was some improvement in the condition after two and a half months, but it was still not at the normal level.

Low sperm count affects fertility

According to doctors, if the sperm count of men is low then it affects their fertility. In such a situation, the sex life of a man can also be affected. Due to corona, the quality and count of sperm has been affected. It is a matter of concern that even after 10 weeks, the effect of Kovid has been found on the semen, which shows that this virus has affected every part of the body and its function. For the past several years, studies were being done on the sex life of men regarding Kovid. Now it has also become clear from the study done in India that corona has also affected the fertility of men.

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