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H3N1 influenza cases increasing in Delhi, will this disease also take the form of an epidemic?

H3N1 Influenza Treatment: H3N1 influenza cases come every year in the winter season. In such a situation, there is a need to protect properly and take precautions.

H3N1 flu cases on the rise

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H3N1 Influenza: On one hand, the common people in the country are in panic due to Omicron’s sub-variants X-BB 1.5 and BF.7. On the other hand, the influenza virus that comes in the cold season every year is also becoming a cause of trouble. Delhi and surrounding areas h3n1 flu Has given his knock. In Delhi NCR, around 100 such cases have come in the last few days. In which influenza flu has been confirmed.

Doctors believe that cases of this flu come every year in the winter season. In such a situation, there is a need to protect properly and take precautions. According to doctors, this flu will not be fatal for normal people. There is less possibility of it spreading in the form of an epidemic. However, children younger than 1 year and people who have respiratory diseases need to take special care of themselves. Due to flu, children may have high fever, cough problem.

Who is most at risk from H3N1

Talking to TV9 Bharatvarsh, the newly elected President of the Indian Medical Association, Dr. Sharad Agarwal said that every year in cold this type of virus or flu keep changing different strains, due to which there is no need to panic too much. Prevention is the only cure for this, especially people already suffering from any disease, old age people or patients with comorbidity need to avoid it.

Dr. Munish Prabhakar, General Secretary of the Indian Medical Association, has also advised people to take precautions to avoid this flu. He has said that even though cases of h3n1 are coming, it will not take the form of an epidemic like H1N1 (swine flu).

These are the symptoms



run nose

body pain


save like this

avoid going to crowded areas

Keep distance from anyone who has cough or cold

Get kids the annual flu vaccine

wear a mask when going out

The type of influenza is H3N1

Flu cases start increasing every year during the winter season. Flu is a respiratory disease, which can also affect the nose, throat and lungs. Flu is caused by influenza virus H3N1 and H3N2. There are four types of influenza virus – A, B, C and D. Among these, cases of influenza A subtype H3N1 are seen more frequently.

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