Gyrotonic Exercise: Exercise of both body and mind, exercise has effect like massage for muscles

Regular exercise is very important to make both body and mind agile and healthy. Anyway, after the arrival of Corona, the awareness among people regarding body and health has increased. There are many types of exercises. It is bound to be confused about which exercise to adopt or which exercise will have better effect. Experts agree that the best exercise routine is one that has a mix of different types of exercises according to the body. That means a balanced mix of cardio, flexibility, endurance, balancing, stretching etc.

There are some exercises that can benefit the whole body at the same time. Such as running, brisk walk, yoga etc. just need to adopt them in the right way. Gyrotonic is such an exercise that can give you the benefits of many exercises at once. All that is needed is to learn and apply it properly.

Exercise of both body and mind

Gyrotonic is a mode of exercise that is mainly done with special machines or tools. In this, keeping the whole body moving in a certain rhythm, it is rotated and the focus is on every joint of the body. Even though this technique has not been publicized as much as the rest of the exercise, but its benefits are no less than any exercise, rather it completes the task of fitness of both the whole body and mind. Along with this, stretching of the whole body is also done. Gyro is a Greek word meaning ‘spiral’ or ‘circle’ and tonic refers to healthy muscles. That is, it has a positive effect on all the muscles of the body.

benefits of inner body massage

The types of activities or exercises included in Gyrotonic work the whole body in such a way that every joint and every muscle of the body gets a chance to stretch and relax. This effect is very similar to that which is obtained by massaging the upper part of the body. That’s why Gyrotonic is also promoted by experts as an inside-outside massage. It is said that this exercise has the same effect as yoga, tai chi and swimming in one session. Since the mind also participates fully in this process of rotating the joints in a circle, spreading and operating the body in rhythm. That’s why this exercise is considered good in terms of fitness of both body and mind. The best part is that since this exercise is a combination of several exercises, it is a complete workout in itself.

Multiple movements can happen simultaneously

The machine on which gyrotonic is done is mainly made of wood. With this, many movements can be done simultaneously. It also has the normal pulley tower which is often seen in the gym but in Gyrotonic, ballet-like steps are done with this pulley as an exercise. A bench is attached to the machine on which exercise can be done by sitting or lying down. This mode of exercise is very old, so at present its machines have also been further modified according to the need and exercise. The machine can be adjusted according to the body structure, need and condition. Therefore it is advised to do it under the supervision of a trained person, as is also said for gymming.

there are many advantages

  • Along with strengthening the muscles, it also provides flexibility.
  • Helps the spinal cord to function at its full capacity and facilitates smooth movements of the spinal cord such as bending, twisting and rotation.
  • Helps in making the whole body more agile, flexible and strong and increases stamina.
  • Corrects postural imbalance. It can make a lot of difference to those who develop the habit of sitting and walking in a bent position at an early age. At the same time, it can also help in keeping the posture of elderly people balanced.
  • With each of its exercises, the rhythm of the breath is also kept in balance. Along with strengthening the lungs, it also strengthens the respiratory system.