FIFA WC Upsets: This happened with England-Germany and France before Argentina, these are five historical upsets



Before the start of the Football World Cup, no one thought that the Argentina team would lose the first match to Saudi Arabia. His victory was considered sure. However, what is already said does not always happen. It is said in cricket that one should not be sure of victory until the last ball is bowled. There is something similar in football. Until the whistle of the referee, any team can score a goal and win the match. Argentina were favourites, but Saudi Arabia won hearts with their game. He defeated the team of veteran player Lionel Messi 2-1. Saudi Arabia has pulled off a historic upset in World Cup history.

However, this is not the first time that the Football World Cup has turned upside down. Even before this, many major vicissitudes have happened. In the 2018 World Cup, the then champions Germany were eliminated in the first round itself. South Korea surprised them by defeating them 2-0 in the very first match. After that, Mexico were eliminated from the tournament after defeating them 1-0.

Such upsets have happened many times in World Cup history. Here we are telling you about five of those famous reversals:

1950: America beat England 1-0

England entered the tournament in Brazil as favourites, having been selected to play in the World Cup for the first time. He made his appearance in the first match by defeating Chile 2–0. Now England was facing America. The American team defeated him 1-0. Joe Gaitens surprised England with a goal in the 38th minute. The English team could not make a comeback in the match. Then lost 0-1 against Spain in the next match and got eliminated from the tournament. That defeat of England against America is seen as a major upset.

1966: North Korea surprises Italy

This was the match in which Pak Do-Ik of North Korea got his name recorded in the history of the World Cup. North Korea surprised Italy. Italy had become champions twice before the 1996 World Cup. He lifted the trophy in 1934 and 1938. His victory against North Korea was considered a certainty, but not everything is predetermined in sports. The mighty Italian team lost. Tomatoes were thrown at his players. The Italian team could not bear the shock of this defeat. Its effect was also seen in the next match against the Soviet Union, where it lost 1–2. Italy was eliminated in the first round.

1982: Algeria defeated West Germany

The Algerian team entered the World Cup held in Spain as a weak team. She was playing in the tournament for the first time. Algeria made a big upset in the very first match. He defeated West Germany. Rabah Mazjar and Lakhdar Belloumi scored for him. However, after this defeat, West Germany came back and defeated Austria after Chile to make it to the next round. They lost to Italy in the final.



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