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Exclusive- Story of Cancer Survivor Rohit: “Troubles kept testing at every step, courage kept increasing every time”

cancer survivor rohit
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Cancer is one of the leading causes of death globally, killing millions of people every year. According to an estimate, cancer is considered to be the reason behind one out of every six deaths. Even though the treatment of cancer has become relatively easier as compared to two-three decades ago due to advancement in technology and medical science, yet cancer is still considered synonymous with death.

Doctors say, the main reason for death rate due to cancer is not being diagnosed in time, in most of the cases, patients come to know about it only when the disease has reached an advanced stage, from where it becomes difficult to treat and save lives. goes. Meaning, if cancer is identified in time and the patient gets the right treatment, not only can it be prevented from growing in other parts, but it also becomes easier to save the patient’s life.

Today World Cancer Day (World Cancer Day 2023) Is. On this special occasion, we will learn about the life experiences of Rohit Singh, who not only defeated cancer at a very young age due to his unwavering spirit, but has also become a hope for millions of cancer patients. Rohit, a resident of Sirathu tehsil of Kaushambi district, Uttar Pradesh, is a bone cancer survivor who recently underwent successful surgery at AIIMS, Delhi. Even though this fight was difficult in many ways for Rohit from a normal farming family, the difficulties could not last long in front of his confidence. At present Rohit is completely healthy after the surgery and is doing his job.

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Come, let us know the story of Rohit, who became an inspiration for millions of cancer patients in the country.

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