England in trouble in FIFA World Cup 2022! Captain Harry Kane may be arrested before the match



In the FIFA World Cup surrounded by controversies, a new controversy has now arisen, which may cost the England team. In the World Cup being held in Qatar, the sword of arrest is hanging on the captain of the England team, Harry Kane, in the very first match of the tournament.

In the FIFA World Cup 2022, on November 21, the England team will play its first match in the tournament. England’s first match is against Iran. Even before this match, there is a threat to the England team. The sword of arrest is hanging over England captain Harry Kane. The reason behind this is also very important.

The England captain may wear a band on his arm to support gay love. Wearing this band can cause trouble for them. In this regard, England captain Harry Kane has made it clear that he will wear a band to support same-sex love in the match, which has been banned by the Qatar administration. If they do so, they may have to be arrested.

In fact, according to Qatar’s law, homosexual love is considered a crime there. Even before the World Cup, many organizations had also opposed the World Cup event in Qatar. Many European countries also gave their support in this protest. In this, countries like England, Netherlands, France, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and Wales gave their support to homosexual love. During this World Cup, many countries have decided that they will wear a special band on their hand in support of same-sex love. Please tell that this campaign has been named “One Love”. Captains of countries supporting same-sex love said they would wear this band during World Cup matches.

The sword of arrest hangs over Harry Kane

On the other hand, if Harry Kane is seen wearing such a band in the match against Iran on November 21, then he may have to pay the price. Let us tell you that FIFA has made it clear that it is the responsibility of every team and player to follow the law and culture of the host country. In such a situation, if Harry Kane wears such a band in the match against Iran, then he can be arrested. At the same time, Netherlands will also have a match on November 21, which will be against Senegal. In this match, if Netherlands captain Virgil van Dijk also wears such a band, then he can also be arrested as a punishment.



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