Elon Musk gave an ultimatum to the employees, wrote in the mail – If you want to be a part of Twitter 2.0…




Elon Musk gives ultimatum to Twitter employees
Said- decide yourself whether you want to be a part of the company or not
Notice will be sent to those who do not respond to the mail

San Francisco. Elon Musk has given Twitter employees until Thursday evening to remain part of the company. Twitter’s new owner wrote in an email to employees that employees will need to work very hard to make Twitter 2.0 a success. At the same time, for success, high potential has to be shown for a long time.

Elon Musk said that Twitter will be mostly engineering-based and most of the team’s employees will be ‘coding’. It is known that after buying Twitter for $ 44 billion at the end of October, the billionaire industrialist has shown the way out to a large number of employees. He is now planning to fire some contract employees as well.

Elon Musk emailed employees

Musk has asked employees in an email whether they want to be a part of the ‘new Twitter’. He has said that if the employees want to remain a part of the company, then click on the link given in the email as ‘yes’. According to the email, they have until 5 p.m. Thursday for staff to respond to the link.

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Employees who do not respond by that time will be given three months’ notice of termination. Musk wrote, ‘Thank you for whatever decision you make to make Twitter successful.’

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