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Do you also drink less water in winter? Know its disadvantages

Drinking water: People who do not pay attention to their hydration are at risk of premature death. Drinking less water in winter also increases the risk of many diseases.

Disadvantages of drinking less water in winter

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Importance of drinking water in winter In the season, less sweat comes out from the body. There is less thirst and people water Don’t drink too much. people think that in winter dehydration The problem doesn’t happen, but it doesn’t. Drinking less water in winter can harm health in many ways. Doctors say that to keep the body healthy, one must drink three to four liters of water every day. Due to low water intake, many types of diseases can occur.

Recently, a research has also been done in the medical journal Lancet regarding this. It has been found in this research that people who do not drink enough water for their hydration, they have a higher risk of premature death. It has been told in the research that there is a risk of increasing the level of sodium in the body by drinking less water. If the level of sodium is more than 145 milliliters per liter, then the risk of premature death increases by 21 percent. It also increases the risk of many types of chronic diseases.

Let us know from the experts what are the disadvantages of drinking less water in winter.

may cause stomach upset

Department of Medicine at Sanjay Gandhi Hospital Dr. Vikas Jain It is said that drinking less water can cause constipation. This is because water is needed to digest food in the stomach, but not drinking water causes digestive problems. Due to this, there is a problem in cleaning the stomach. Doctors advise that water must be drunk half an hour before or half an hour after the meal.

risk of kidney disease

Drinking less water can cause kidney stones. Due to kidney stone, there may be a problem in functioning of the kidney. Urine also comes less by drinking less water. Due to this, the dirt present in the body does not come out, which can cause many diseases. Drinking less water also increases the risk of UTI infection.

skin dehydration

The skin is usually fine in winter, but if you do not drink enough water then there may be a problem of dehydration in the skin. This can cause skin dullness. It is necessary to drink seven to eight glasses of water a day for skin glow.

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