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Do this work as first aid in case of heart attack, patient’s life can be saved

In the last few months, the cases of heart attack have increased a lot. Sudden heart attack without symptoms. In many cases, patients are also dying immediately.

Heart attack cases are increasing

This time heart disease It is becoming a major cause of death. in the last few months heart attack The cases are increasing. people at a young age heart attack is falling In many cases, the patient is also dying on the spot. According to doctors, there are many reasons for the increase in heart diseases. In these, bad lifestyle, wrong eating habits and now corona virus is also a big reason. To prevent heart disease, it is most important that people should know about its symptoms. Along with this, it should also be known that if someone gets a heart attack, then what should be done for rescue.

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Cardiologist Dr. Ajit Jain explains that it is necessary to correct food and lifestyle to prevent heart disease. Those who had become seriously ill from Kovid will also have to take special care. This is because due to the corona virus, blood clots have occurred in the arteries of the heart, due to which the function of the heart is being affected. Blood circulation is not getting right due to the formation of blood clots in the arteries of the heart. Heart attack is coming due to sudden obstruction in blood circulation.

what to do to avoid

According to Dr. Jain, if a person has suddenly fallen unconscious and his pulse is falling, it means that a heart attack or sudden cardiac arrest has occurred. In this situation, CPR should be given immediately. CPR ie Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, this is such a method that by doing it immediately the life of the patient can be saved and the patient has time to go to the hospital. By giving CPR, the flow of oxygen starts in the patient’s body.

How to give CPR

When a person becomes unconscious, first of all, press his chest with both hands at the rate of 100 to 130 per minute. During this, the lower part of your palm should be on the chest. Try that the palm is in the middle of the chest and then apply pressure. Keep in mind that do not put too much pressure on the chest. Along with this, the patient can also be given breath through the mouth. Immediately after doing this, take the patient to the hospital.

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