Do not ignore these symptoms seen in the body, may be the cause of heart attack!

Due to wrong-eating and bad lifestyle, the risk of heart related diseases is increasing. Nowadays many people are falling prey to heart attack.

Why are the cases of heart attack increasing?

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Along with bad lifestyle, the risk of heart diseases has increased due to wrong-eating. At present, most of the people are falling prey to heart attack. According to health experts, heart attack Before this, some such symptoms are seen in the body, which many people ignore. These symptoms include things like excessive acidity, indigestion, heart burn, constant back pain on one side. Many times we ignore these symptoms, due to which our lives are made.

What came out in the research?

According to a recent research, 95 percent of the women confirmed that their health was not good before the heart attack. It was also told in this research that the two most minor visible signs, which are always ignored by many people, can be symptoms before a heart attack. These symptoms include feeling tired and unable to sleep.

These can be symptoms of heart attack

According to research, symptoms like shortness of breath, weakness, night sweats, dizziness and vomiting can appear before a heart attack. If we talk about men, then problems like chest pain, stiffness, shortness of breath can be seen as initial symptoms. At the same time, fatigue, upset, sleeplessness and shortness of breath can be the initial symptoms of heart attack in women. Please tell that if you see many such symptoms, do not ignore them. If you see such symptoms, consult a doctor immediately.

Include these things in the diet

Masur lentils: You can include pulses in your diet to avoid heart attack. You can keep the heart healthy by eating lentils.

garlic: you eat garlic heart healthy can keep. Even this will keep your heart healthy. You can include garlic in the diet to get relief from heart related diseases. Apart from this, you can also include nuts in the diet.

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