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Differentiate between the symptoms of Zika virus and dengue-malaria, keep these two things in mind

Zika virus cases are on the rise. Some of its symptoms are similar to dengue-malaria. But there is also some difference in the way the three diseases spread.

Zika virus case found in Karnataka.

in country Zika virus The cases are increasing. Cases of this virus have been reported in Karnataka, Maharashtra and UP. Zika virus is also spread by mosquito bites. dengue – malaria It also happens like this. Some symptoms of these three diseases are also similar. In such a situation, it becomes very difficult for people to differentiate between their symptoms. But it is very important to know the difference between them. Because if the disease is not identified and treated on time, then there can be a lot of trouble.

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Let us know from the experts how to identify the difference between the symptoms of dengue-malaria and Zika virus.

Senior Physician Dr. Ajay Kumar says that after getting infected with Zika virus, its symptoms start appearing within three to 14 days. Zika is also caused by the bite of Aedes mosquitoes. Dengue-malaria is caused by these mosquitoes. This is the reason that many symptoms of these diseases are similar, although differences can be identified in them.

difference between zika and dengue

Dr. Kumar explains that fever occurs in both Zika and Dengue, but cases of Zika virus are rarely reported. In such areas, where there is no case of Zika, there is less possibility of a person getting infected by it. After getting infected with Zika virus, fever comes in three to four days. Whereas in dengue fever occurs on the second day itself.

There is a lot of weakness in the body in dengue. This happens due to falling platelets, whereas platelets do not decrease in Zika. Zika virus can also spread through sexual intercourse and blood transfusion, while this does not happen in dengue-malaria. There can also be a problem of eye coming due to Zika, this is rarely seen in dengue-malaria. According to Dr. Ajay Kumar, there is no prescribed treatment for Zika virus. There is no medicine or vaccine for it. Patients are treated only on the basis of symptoms.

what to do to prevent zika

To prevent Zika, it is important to keep your surroundings clean.

practice safe sex

If a person has fever or rashes on the body, then stay away from him.

If there are cases of Zika in your area and you have fever, then get a blood test done.

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