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Diet Chart: How to make a nutrition-rich diet plan for a 12-month-old baby

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Children’s growth is very fast and a fast growing child needs more nutrients. Up to 6 months, the child gets all the nutrients from the mother’s milk, but after that the child’s appetite also increases and he needs supplementary food.

If your child is also 12 months old, then you can start giving nutritious food to him by making some changes in his diet. After 6 months, babies do not get all the nutrients from mother’s milk. Children above 6 months also need other solid foods so that their physical development can be complete. If you do not start giving solid food to the baby even after 6 months, then their immunity becomes weak and their physical development stops. Let us know what should be the diet plan of a child up to 12 months-

rice and pulses
Dal and rice can be given to a 12-month-old baby. Cook the dal and rice well. Add a little country ghee to it, mash it well and feed it to the child. Rice and pulses will provide protein, carbohydrate and many types of vitamins to the child, desi ghee will be helpful in the physical development of the child. Feed small amounts of rice and pulses to the child.

mash fruits

From 6 to 12 months baby cannot chew any food properly so you can feed any soft fruit mashed, boiled potatoes are also good for baby’s health Mashed potatoes can be included in baby’s diet Is. Ripe mashed banana is also the best option for the baby, along with it other soft fruits can also be mashed and fed to the baby.

Vegetable Khichdi

With Vegetable Khichdi, children will get the nutrients of all types of vegetables and the child can eat it easily. Vegetable Khichdi will provide the child with a variety of vitamins, proteins and minerals, which are helpful for their growth.

Apple pie
Babies can eat soft fruits by mashing them, but fruits like apples cannot be eaten by a 12-month-old baby. Apple contains essential nutrients which are necessary for the overall development of children, for this you can make apple pie and give it to the child. Apple pie is also easy to make.

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Homemade cottage cheese or egg yolks
A 12-month-old baby can be fed a small portion of egg yolk. Homemade paneer can also be given in small quantities.

Disclaimer: The tips in this article are for general information only. Do not consider these tips and information as advice from any doctor or medical professional. In case of symptoms of any disease, do consult a doctor.

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