Diabetes is becoming fatal, know how to avoid this slow poison

Frederick Bating’s birthday is on 14th November. Hence this date was chosen for World Diabetes Day. Diabetes Day is celebrated in 140 countries of the world on 14 November by the International Diabetic Federation to remember the contribution of Friedrich Betting.

Diabetes is the most critical problem of today’s time. Who has spread his terror all over the world. Diabetes can be controlled. But it cannot be eradicated from the root. If diabetes is not controlled, it affects the kidney, eyes, heart and blood pressure. In diabetes, the amount of blood sugar or blood glucose in the body increases. This happens when there is a deficiency of hormone insulin in the body or that insulin is not able to match the right rhythm with our body.

International Diabetes Day was started with the aim of making people aware of diabetes. 1991 was the year when the increasing outbreak of this disease got the attention of everyone in the world. With the aim of making people aware about it, it was announced to celebrate International Diabetes Day on 14 November every year. World Diabetes Day is celebrated every year on 14 November in most of the countries of the world.

Many people were trying to understand the cause of diabetes and its various aspects. One of these pairs was also of Frederick Batting and Charles Best. Who were engaged in the search for the chemical structure of the element secreted by the pancreas gland. Isolating this element, he demonstrated in October 1921 that this element plays an important role in the disposal of glucose in the body and its deficiency causes diabetes. This element was named insulin. Its discovery is a milestone in the history of diabetes. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for this work.

Frederick Bating’s birthday is on 14th November. Hence this date was chosen for World Diabetes Day. Diabetes Day is celebrated in 140 countries of the world on 14 November by the International Diabetic Federation to remember the contribution of Friedrich Betting. As a result of the continuous efforts of the International Diabetes Federation, the United Nations finally accepted the challenge of diabetes and included it in its list of health programs in December 2006. Since 2007, it is now celebrated as a program of the United Nations. The biggest advantage of joining the list of the United Nations is that now the member countries of the United Nations are giving importance to it in their health-related policy-making.

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After the adoption of this day by the United Nations in 2007, the blue ring has been chosen as its symbol. The ring or circle is a symbol of continuity. The circle symbolizes that all the people of the world should unite to overcome it. The blue color symbolizes the sky, cooperation and comprehensiveness. This symbol is accompanied by a solidarity statement for diabetes.

India is called the capital of diabetes. Due to poor diet and lack of physical activity, the rate of diabetes has increased in every country of the world in the last decade. Its worst form has emerged in India which is very frightening. Irregularity is the major cause of diabetes in the lifestyle. A decade ago, the average age of diabetes in India was forty years, which has now come down to 25 to 30 years. Only after 15 years, a large number of people have started getting diabetes. Occurrence of this disease at a young age simply means that by the time they reach the age of forty, the number of diabetic patients in India was 19 million in 1995, which has increased to 40 million in 2008. It is estimated that in 2030 the number of diabetic patients will be around eight crores.

The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and the World Health Organization have told on the occasion of World Diabetes Day that an average of 4 million diabetes patients die every year worldwide. However, in the year 2021, 67 lakh diabetic patients died during the Corona epidemic. Which has broken all the records till now. In a study, it has been concluded that men are more prone to diabetes than women. Experts believe that if diabetes continues to grow at this rate, India will become the world’s capital of diabetes, leaving China behind. If we do not warn in time, the situation will be dire.

According to doctors, two out of five women suffer from high blood sugar levels during pregnancy. If diabetes is not controlled during pregnancy, babies born are large in size and weigh more than 3.5 kg. In them, the risk of diabetes, heart disease increases tenfold. For this reason diabetes is becoming an epidemic.

The prevalence of obesity among children is on the rise due to changing lifestyles and abundance of solid, high-energy foods. In a survey conducted in India, obesity was found in 18 percent of children aged 13 to 18 years. Due to increasing trend of obesity in children and lack of physical labor, now a large number of children suffering from diabetes are also being seen. Day by day this disease is occurring in young people due to wrong eating and lazy lifestyle.

If we look at diabetes in India, most of its cases come from urban areas only. The number of its patients has been very less in the villages, which are now increasing wildly. If we look at the effects of this disease, it can take the form of India’s biggest health problem in the coming times.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had also said in the radio program Mann Ki Baat that diabetes, which was once known as Raj Rog due to the people living a luxurious life, has now become a lifestyle related disease, to avoid which people should include yoga and meditation in their daily routine. Exercise should be included. He said that earlier the diseases used to occur in old age around the last stage of life. These days it is visible even in children. It is surprising to hear of diabetes in children. The Prime Minister said that earlier such diseases were called Raj-Rog because such diseases used to happen only to the affluent people who lived a life of luxury. But today our lifestyle has changed. These diseases are known as life-style disorders.

Describing the lack of physical labor and change in diet as the reason for these diseases at an early age, doctors say that with family awareness, ensure that children play in open fields. If possible, the elders of the family should also play with the children in the open. Inculcate the habit of taking the stairs instead of the lift. Try going for a walk after dinner. Make yoga a part of the routine. Yoga proves to be very helpful in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and protecting it from diseases related to it.

Ramesh Saraf Dhamora

(The author is a freelance journalist accredited by the Government of Rajasthan. His articles continue to be published in many newspapers of the country.)

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