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Demand for covid booster increased in the country, appointment is not available on co-win portal

Covid19 Vaccine: The situation is under control due to Corona in the country, but people are getting nervous in view of the increasing cases of virus in many countries. Meanwhile, the demand for vaccine has also increased suddenly.

Booster doses of vaccine are being applied against Corona virus infection in the country.

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Corona Vaccine: Corona in China The cases are increasing rapidly. In many other countries also the graph of the virus is increasing. Seeing the situation of Kovid, people in India are also getting nervous. in between corona vaccine The demand has increased tremendously. people Co-win Portal Going to and registering for the vaccine. But some people are not able to get appointment. The reason for this is that there is not enough stock of vaccine in some hospitals. At the same time, only one or two days of vaccine is left in some hospitals.

A doctor from Delhi’s Sanjay Gandhi Hospital told that for the past several months people were not coming to get vaccinated. Because of this the existing stock was sent back, but for the last two days the number of people taking the vaccine has suddenly increased. Currently only one day’s stock is available. A letter has been written to the administration for the demand of vaccines. The doctor of a private hospital in Delhi told that at present they have stock of only two days. The vaccine was kept, but it was sent back since last month.

Vaccines could get spoiled if kept for a long time. That’s why this decision was taken. The doctor said that currently people taking booster dose are coming. Among them, the number of youth and elders is more. Now the people who had taken appointment in the past are being dosed. Slots are being booked according to the stock of the vaccine.

Why suddenly the demand for vaccine increased

Senior Physician Dr. Ajay Kumar says that there is an atmosphere of fear among the people regarding Covid. Everyone wants that they do not have to face the same dangerous situation as before. That’s why people are going to the hospital to get vaccinated. The severity and symptoms of the virus can be reduced by getting vaccinated, although youth and healthy people are appealed not to panic. Get booster dose done only if necessary, but elderly people of the house and patients suffering from chronic diseases must get vaccinated.

Nasal vaccine also got permission

The central government has also given permission to the country’s first nasal vaccine. This vaccine can be administered as a booster dose. People who have taken two doses can get the nasal vaccine. This vaccine is given through the nose. It is considered very effective in the fight against Corona.

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