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Delhi: Eight-year-old girl had a skull fracture, doctors performed surgery to give her a new life

The girl had fractured her skull after falling down the stairs while playing at home. He was admitted to the hospital in critical condition. Where the doctors gave a new life to the girl by doing surgery.

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Skull fractures: An eight-year-old girl died after falling down the stairs while playing at home. skull fracture happened. Due to this she fainted. His eye had turned black and swelling was visible on his head. The girl was admitted to a private hospital in Delhi in critical condition. Where the doctors gave new life to the girl after eight hours of surgery. Now the baby girl is healthy.

This girl was admitted to Delhi Shalimar Bagh Max Super Specialty Hospital. The Emergency and Trauma team of the hospital immediately assessed his condition. Initiated treatment to ensure that the girl child gets treatment within the golden hour. Doctors sent her for a CT scan, which revealed she had multiple fractures as well as a large collection of clots at the base of her skull.

Immediately the child was taken to the resuscitation area where they understood the seriousness of the accident, discussed thoroughly with the parents and told them that the child’s condition was critical and would undergo surgery. After the consent of the parents, the girl was taken on ventilator support. After this he underwent surgery, which was successful.

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Dr. Kishor Dutta, director of the hospital’s emergency and trauma department, said that on admission to the hospital, the child was in extreme pain and had black eyes and was vomiting continuously, indicating a skull fracture. Whose surgery was done. For this a team of specialist doctors was formed. The surgery of the child took about eight hours. In which the skull fracture was fixed. After this, there was a rapid recovery of the child in PICU.

The ER team examines her to ensure that her vitals are normal and that she recovers without complications. To overcome this traumatic incident, the child’s parents took psychological counseling. A month later, the child went to the hospital for neurosurgery to assess the health status and she had recovered well.

Skull fracture can be fatal

It is very important to get timely treatment in case of skull fracture. Otherwise there is a danger of death of the patient. If there is no treatment in time, then it becomes very difficult to save the life of the patient.

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