Covid Outbreak: People with weak immunity can be victims of infection, such symptoms mean you are also at risk

including China-US rapidly in many countries of the world increasing corona infection Once again raising the concern of the people. Health experts say that the way studies are seeing the infectivity rate of new variants, it is certainly frightening. To avoid this, we all need to keep taking special precautions. covid appropriate behavior Along with continuously following the guidelines, there is a need to pay special attention to the measures that strengthen immunity.

Research suggests that people who have a strong immune system have a lower risk of getting Omicron infection. Strong immunity helps in keeping you safe not only from corona but also from the risk of many other viral and bacterial infections.

Let us know on the basis of which symptoms it can be inferred that your immunity power is low to prevent and fight against Covid infection?

What do CDC experts say?

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a weak immune system increases your risk of corona infection. When the virus enters the body through the respiratory route, the immune system combats it and deactivates it there. On the other hand, in people whose immunity is weak, the infection increases and there may be a risk of taking a serious form.

Conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer naturally weaken the immune system, which is why such people are more prone to infections.

Let us know how the weakness of immunity power can be estimated?

signs of a weak immune system

It is normal for adults to have a common cold 2-3 times a year, however, if you start sneezing or fever with the change of season, then you need to be careful. This could be a sign of your weak immune system. People whose immunity power is weak are more prone to seasonal fever and infections than others. It becomes necessary for such people to pay attention to measures that strengthen the immune system.

weakness and fatigue

In case of weakness of the immune system, you may often have the problem of fatigue and weakness. In people whose immunity is weak, in the event of any kind of disease, the body needs relatively more energy to fight, that is why the problem of weakness may persist in you. If you feel tired despite getting enough sleep, then it can be considered a sign of immunity weakness.

wounds take longer to heal

If it is taking a long time to heal cuts or wounds in the skin, then it is also considered a sign of weakness of immunity power. Your immune system is essential for protecting against disease as well as for rapid healing of wounds. This is the reason why wounds take longer to heal than usual in people with diabetes. In such people also the risk of Kovid-19 and other types of infection may be high.


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