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Covid-19: These new symptoms are seen in BF.7 infected, epidemiologist warns about this danger

Corona infection has increased the problems for the whole world in no time. Not only is the situation worse in China, the danger is also being seen increasing in Japan and America. The World Health Organization (WHO), in its recent report, has appealed to other countries to be very careful in view of the worsening situation in many countries including China.

Health experts are considering Omicron’s sub-variant BF.7 as a major factor for this wave of corona infection, studies have shown its infectivity and severity in some people. Meanwhile, a warning from an epidemiologist needs to be heeded seriously, saying that the next three months could be challenging for the whole world.

10% of the world’s population may be infected

Epidemiologist Eric Feigl-Ding in American Public Health Sciences has appealed to people to take special precautions regarding Corona while alerting them. Epidemiologists estimate that 10 percent of the world’s population may be infected in the next three months. There is also a possibility of death of lakhs of people in this. Looking at the infectivity rate of this variant of Corona, the researchers have appealed to other countries to be strict about prevention by taking lessons from China. Let us know about this in further detail.

These symptoms are being seen in the infected

Media reports show that at present, in countries where there has been a huge jump in corona cases, serious symptoms have rarely been seen in the infected. Sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, sneezing or cough without phlegm, headache, muscle pain, and hoarseness are seen in most people infected with Omicron BF.7.

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Experts have found that some people may also have the problem of loose motion along with these symptoms. If 3-4 of these symptoms are visible, then immediately consult a specialist and get it checked.

Most infected asymptomatic

At present, most of the corona infected are asymptomatic, that is, despite being infected, they do not show symptoms. Experts are considering this type of situation as an infection enhancer. Coming in contact with such people can pose a serious threat to people with weak immunity. At present, the increasing cases of death of infected people in China are also very worrying.

Dead bodies can also increase the risk of infection

Reports from local Chinese media suggest that the death toll has risen significantly and mortuaries are witnessing heavy rush. new York Times In a report, Hisako Saitoh, a researcher at Chiba University in Japan, has issued a warning. He says, in some countries, the dead bodies of the infected are either being taken back to the relatives’ homes or the dead bodies are being left unclaimed. It can be even more dangerous. Even in dead bodies, the virus can remain for 15-17 days, due to which people are at risk of getting infected due to contact. Dead bodies need to be cremated properly.


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