Covid-19 Study: Symptoms may vary depending on vaccination, know what kind of risk you are at risk of?

These days the devastation seen in China due to Corona remains a cause of concern for the whole world. Studies have shown that Omicron’s sub-variant BF.7 is able to more easily dodge the immune system with greater infectivity, adding to the public’s fears. Health experts say, to avoid this danger of corona, all people should keep taking preventive measures, people who have got two doses of vaccine are being advised to get booster dose. BF.7 is definitely a variant with more infectivity, but it can be prevented by taking a little care.

In studies on the nature of BF.7, researchers have found that most people are seeing mild symptoms due to this, the risk of severe symptoms or disease is only in those who have not been vaccinated or those who have comorbidities. .

Meanwhile, in a recent study, researchers found that symptoms can vary among people depending on vaccination status. Let us know what kind of problems people may experience on this basis?

What did the study find?

The Zoe Health study, a COVID-19 tracker developed by researchers at Harvard, Stanford and King’s College London, shows symptoms vary by vaccination status. Vaccination status means how many doses of vaccine you have got.

The team of researchers found that most of the people who have received two doses of the vaccine, that is, those whose vaccination has been completed, are either having mild symptoms like cold-cough or are not showing symptoms. That is, the risk of serious disease is not being seen in the people who have been vaccinated.

Symptoms in those who took a dose of the vaccine

In the Kovid Health Study, researchers found that people who have had only one dose of the vaccine may have normal symptoms, but still it is helpful in protecting you from serious disease. Such people may experience problems like headache, sneezing, runny nose, persistent cough and sore throat. The researchers found that the single shot vaccine is not very effective in protecting against the risk of corona.

Symptoms in people who have taken two doses of the vaccine

Which has been found in the Kovid Health Study that people whose vaccination has been completed, such people have less risk of serious disease in case of infection. Such people have reported problems with sore throat, cough, runny or stuffy nose, and headache. At the same time, in another study, researchers found that most people who have taken both doses of the vaccine do not show symptoms in case of BF.7 infection.

Those without vaccination can be victims of serious diseases

The researchers found that since Omicron variants appeared to have a lower risk of severe symptoms, headache, sneezing, runny nose, persistent cough, and sore throat were also common in unvaccinated people with BF.7 infection. There can be problems like soreness. However, depending on the health of such people, the risk of these symptoms becoming severe is high.

In unvaccinated people, it can lead to lung problems and complications for other organs as well.