Covid-19: Scientists warn – virus can mutate and take dangerous form, China’s situation increases risk

The increasing cases of corona infection in China remain a cause of concern for experts around the world. According to media reports, infection is being confirmed in more than 1 million (1 million) people daily in East China’s Zhejiang province, experts fear that these figures may increase further in the coming days.

With the increase of infection, the figures of the dead are also being seen here, although global agencies allege that the Chinese government is hiding the actual figures of infection and death. China’s National Health Commission (NHC) also stopped publishing daily COVID-19 data on Sunday.

Scientists are worried about the new threat

Amidst the worsening situation due to Corona in China, scientists have warned about a more serious situation in the coming times. Researchers say that due to the surge in infection cases in China, there is a danger of new variants of the coronavirus mutating from here.

In a report, the researchers said- We do not know what type of next mutation will be and what kind of risks it can cause, but the way the infection is increasing rapidly in a large population in China, it is possible for the mutation of the variant. May increase the risk. Perhaps the new mutation could be more dangerous. The existing risk may take a more serious form in the future.

Increasing infection can be the reason for new mutations

Infectious disease specialist Dr. Stuart Campbell at Johns Hopkins University has expressed concern about the great danger. He says, China’s population is very large and people there are increasingly becoming victims of infection. Uncontrolled growth of infection in a large population can lead to the emergence of a new variant. Nothing can be said about what type it will be, but possibly it can be a variant prepared like Omicron or a combination of some strains. Such mutated variants can become a big challenge in future.

virus not weakened

The milder symptoms and lower severity of the infection we have experienced over the past six to 12 months in many parts of the world is due to either vaccination or immunity to infection, Dr Stuart says. That’s because the virus has weakened. But most of the people who are getting infected in this wave in China are seeing less immunity made from the vaccine.

In addition, due to the high infectivity rate of BF.7, it is causing infection in a large population in a short period of time, which can increase the risk of new mutations.

Vaccine quality and booster dose rate low in China

Dr Stuart says, every new infection gives the coronavirus an opportunity to mutate and the speed at which the coronavirus is spreading in China, so the risk is higher. Vaccination rate in China is fine but questions are being raised on the effectiveness of the vaccine, apart from this, booster shots have also been given to fewer people here, especially among the elderly.

Apart from infection, it can also be a condition that increases the severity of the disease. Domestic vaccines here have proved to be less effective against severe infections than RNA vaccines produced in other countries. These conditions can be the cause of serious diseases and increase the generation of new variants in case of infection.