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Covid-19 Risk: The death toll has also increased among vaccinated people, then how will you get protection from Corona?

For the last one month, the risk of corona infection is seen increasing rapidly globally. Many countries including China-Japan, America are most affected at this time. Here, along with the infected, the number of dead is also increasing rapidly. Statistics show that most of the people who died of infection had also been vaccinated, in such a situation, the question is arising whether vaccination is also not effective in protecting against this new threat of corona?

On the other hand, in the study of new variants of corona, it has been told that variants like Omicron are definitely infectious, although the risk of developing serious disease due to this is less, in such a situation, the increasing death toll is worrying for scientists. After all, what is the reason for this, let us understand.

Death toll has increased among vaccinated people

About this KFF Health System Tracker shared an analysis in which the team of scientists tried to understand the seriousness of this risk. According to statistics, by the end of the year 2021, three out of 10 people who died of corona were either vaccinated or had taken a booster dose, although by April 2022 this figure has increased to 6.

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The States Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has also shared detailed data on this, detailing the vaccination status of people who died in the United States from September 2021 to August 2022. Let’s know about the causes of increasing death in vaccinated people.

Figures from September 2021 to August 2022

Data shared by the CDC It shows that in September 2021, the number of vaccinated people was close to 22 percent of those who died of Kovid, while 77 percent were without vaccination. By January 2022, the death rate from corona increased to 29 percent among the people who had been vaccinated, in which 12 percent were also those who had received booster doses.

At the same time, till August 2022, surprising changes have been seen in this figure. Among those who died here, 36 percent had taken booster doses, 22 percent had received both doses of the vaccine, while 42 percent were those who were not vaccinated.

Increasing cases of death in vaccinated people

After studying the data of increasing cases of death among vaccinated people, the team of researchers found several factors responsible for this. In this, factors like decreasing immunity after vaccination, lack of booster dose in large population have been emphasized. Scientists found that last year, the lack of necessary measures such as wearing masks and the increasing effect of new variants increased infection among people, this can also be seen as a factor.

Decreased immunity to vaccination

Researchers point out, the number of vaccinated people who died during the early period of vaccination was very low. The CDC and The Lancet study found that protection from COVID-19 vaccines may decrease over time. Apart from this, all the research related to Kovid also shows that as the rate of infection increases, the risk of increase in death rate also increases. With the rise of new variants such as Omicron, a reduction in measures such as masking, and the possibility of infecting vaccinated people, the death toll could rise.


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