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Covid-19: People in China adopting unique method to prevent infection, scientists alert to global danger

The situation is getting worse due to increasing corona infection in China. According to media reports, the daily figure of infected here is said to be around one million (10 lakh). The number of dead is also increasing, Alam is that long queues are being seen for mortuaries and funerals. Health experts fear that the situation may worsen in the coming days. Meanwhile, the agencies allege that the National Health Commission of China has stopped releasing the data of asymptomatic infected, due to which the real situation is not being known.

According to media reports, two cities of China, Beijing and Zhejiang, are most affected by Corona. People are taking various measures to prevent corona. Local Chinese media has released a video related to this, in which people are seen taking unique measures to prevent corona. Here some people who came out of the house have covered themselves completely with plastic cover, so that they could not have direct contact with other people.

This video is becoming very viral on social media. Health experts have appealed people to continue taking special precautions to prevent corona.

Unique way to prevent corona

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A video by Chinese media People’s Daily has gone viral on social media. In the 30-second video, a couple is seen walking inside a large plastic sheet. This umbrella-like structure covering the whole body can reduce the risk of direct contact with other people. This is getting appreciation for the unique initiative taken to follow social distancing even in the crowd.

Alert on increasing risks globally

Apart from China, the risk of corona has been seen increasing in many other countries as well. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Japan (1,046,650 new cases), the Republic of Korea (459,811), the United States (445,424), France (341,136) and Brazil (337,810) had the highest number of new weekly COVID cases as of 18 December. is being watched.

Experts say that due to the new and mutated variants of Omicron, many countries of the world are witnessing a spurt in infection cases, all countries need to show strictness in measures for prevention. The countries which are currently safe should also keep taking precautionary measures so that the global risk of corona can be reduced.

Experts said – people at high risk should take special precautions

In view of the increasing risk of corona in India too, health experts have appealed to all people to pay serious attention to Kovid Appropriate Behavior. In a conversation with Amar Ujala, Dr. Arunima Singh, a respiratory specialist, says, India is also at risk of covid, frontline workers and healthcare workers are most at risk. Apart from this, the elderly or people who are victims of comorbidity such as diabetes, heart-lung or kidney disease need to be on special alert.

Eligible people must get a booster shot to avoid the risk of infection along with the preventive measures against Kovid.

Booster shot will provide additional protection

Dr. Arunima says, India is one of the safer countries from Kovid, mainly because most of the people have received the primary two doses of the vaccine by now. Such people must take a booster shot of the vaccine. Studies have found that the effectiveness of the vaccine may decrease slightly over time, so a booster shot may help boost immunity. We can be more secure by increasing the booster shot rate.


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