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Covid-19: Infection can affect the whole body, markers seen in 84 parts, semen quality also affected

The corona epidemic has been going on globally for more than three years. So far more than 66.72 crore people have come under the grip of this infection. At the same time, Corona has become the cause of death of more than 67 lakh people so far. At the beginning of the pandemic, the SARS-CoV-2 virus was believed to be an infection affecting the upper respiratory tract, although its symptoms and nature have been observed to change over time with mutations in the virus.

Meanwhile, in a recent study, researchers have found that coronavirus does not just cause respiratory tract disease, it can have side effects on the whole body. Everyone has been advised to be alert about this danger.

Infection can affect the whole body

so far on corona Most Comprehensive Autopsy Tissue Study In the U.S., researchers have seen markers of the virus’ side effects on the whole body, from the brain and heart to the eyes. In the conclusion of the study, the scientists cautioned that while the coronavirus has been shown to affect many parts of the body, it does not just cause respiratory disease.

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Keeping this danger in mind, it is necessary for everyone to keep taking measures to prevent infection. The way in which the nature of the new mutated variants is seen to be more contagious, it is an even more worrying situation. Let us know about this study in further detail.

Marker seen in 84 parts

In this recent research conducted under the leadership of the National Institute of Health Scientists in collaboration with the University of Maryland, scientists tried to know the side effects caused by corona on different parts of the body. For this, autopsies of 44 patients who died of corona were done. Tissues taken immediately after death from different parts of the body were examined for the study.

During this research, it was found that corona infection is actually not limited to respiratory disease, about 84 parts of the body were found to have side effects or markers caused by infection.

Side effects observed on these organs

Even earlier, many studies tried to find out the side effects of corona infection on the body, in which its effect on the brain, digestive organs was told, although this is the first comprehensive study in itself, in which the whole body But studies have been done to know about its side effects.

Autopsy-based research found that in case of corona virus infection, viral RNA has the most side effects on airways and lung tissue. In some cases, it can also affect the brain, intestines, heart, kidneys, eyes, adrenal glands, and lymph nodes.

What do researchers say?

Researchers say, this is a type of short post-mortem interval study, in which inflammatory markers are detected due to infection in different parts of the body. Which needs serious attention. Prevention from corona is very important, even though its symptoms are mild but it can affect the body in many ways.

Although the results of this study are not very clear because most of the dead who have been researched were elderly and unvaccinated. The next phase of the study is to research on vaccinated people.


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