Covid-19: ‘highly infectious’ XBB variant raises concerns amid threat from BF.7, both of these have been confirmed in India

The deteriorating situation due to the current wave of Corona in China has become a cause of concern for the whole world. According to a report, the infection is being confirmed in lakhs of people daily, surprisingly the death toll is also very high. However, agencies are accusing the Chinese government of hiding data.

Researchers found that currently most cases in China Omicron sub-variant BF.7 K is being found, which has been found to be more infectious in studies. Meanwhile, according to the information received from America, there are reports of increasing infection due to the “highly infectious XBB variant”.

CDC warns about XBB variant

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported in its recent report that the XBB variant has seen an 18 percent increase in cases of infection in the United States, while 50 percent in the Northeast. According to the CDC, XBB infected 18.3% of the United States in the week ending December 24, up from 11.2% in the previous week.

Health experts say that keeping in mind the nature of this variant of corona in studies, people need to be very careful, this variant can rapidly cause infection in people. .

Nature of XBB variant more contagious

Researchers said, XBB is a sub-variant of Corona’s BA.5. Maria Van Kerkhove, the Kovid Technical Lead at the World Health Organization (WHO), had told in a report that it is a recombinant variant of BA.2.75 and BA.2.10.1. People need to be alert about its contagiousness rate and the risks of severe disease in people with weakened immunity. In view of the risk of this variant of Corona, in the last months, American scientists had insisted on those booster shots of Pfizer / Moderna which could specifically target these variants.

Risk of re-infection due to XBB

The WHO reported in a report that according to preliminary studies, the risk of re-infection may also be higher due to XBB than other sub-variants of Omicron. This variant has also been found to have a higher vaccine escape ability, which enables it to easily evade the body’s built-in immune system and cause infection in people.

Researchers believe that these new sub-variants have mutations that easily dodge immunity, due to which all people are currently at risk.

These variants can also become a threat to India.

At present, the two variants BF.7 and XBB, which have been found to be major for the increasing cases of corona worldwide, have been confirmed in India as well. Recently four people were confirmed infected with BF.7 in the country, while in October alone 18 people were found infected with the XBB variant in Maharashtra.

Health experts say, the nature of rapid spread of infection in new variants is very worrying, all people should keep taking preventive measures keeping this risk in mind.