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Covid-19: Experts gave relief information – the risk of corona is not high in India, just keep these things in mind

These days the surge seen in the cases of corona infection in China has raised concern for the whole world. In India too, the fear of infection has started troubling people, at present the situation here is quite controlled. In view of the threat of Corona, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called a high-level meeting on Thursday to review the situation. At the same time, Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya said in the Parliament that the situation of Corona in the country is quite controlled, all arrangements are being made for rescue. He has appealed to the people to continue following the preventive measures against Corona.

To understand about the increasing risks of Corona, Amar Ujala organized a Bevanar in which experts tried to understand the situation and know about preventive measures. All important questions were answered by Dr Deepak Saxena, Epidemiologist, IIPH Gandhinagar and Dr Ashish Jain, Pulmonologist, Max Hospital Saket, Delhi.

BF.7 will not have much impact in India

Dr. Ashish Jain says, studies show that BF.7 is a sub-variant of Omicron itself, so there is no need to worry much if its prevalence increases in India as well. There are two reasons for this,

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first Not all variants of Omicron have been previously observed to be serious inhibitors. It is contagious but due to this the risk of serious diseases is less.

and another– Since there has been a wave of Omicron in the country in the past as well, in which most of the people got infected, next time it will have less effect on the people.

However, studies are not very clear about the nature of these new variants, in such a situation even a slight negligence can be heavy.

less likely to have severe symptoms

Epidemiologist Dr. Deepak says, at the moment we are waiting for detailed information about this variant, but the way it is found in the reports that BF.7 is a sub-variant of Omicron, then it is expected that it will not cause more severe symptoms, as seen in earlier variants of Omicron.

Due to this, people should not need ICU or oxygen except those with weak immunity in case of infection.

it is necessary to defend

Health experts say that even though the cases of corona are quite controlled in the country, yet everyone needs to show seriousness for prevention. Keep following the Covid Appropriate Behavior strictly. It is necessary to wear mask, take care of hand hygiene and follow social distancing. If we strictly follow these things, then not only can we avoid infection, but we can also avoid the danger of another wave.


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