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Covid-19: Can another wave come in India too, will lockdown be needed? Know what experts say

China-Japan Including the way the explosion of corona is being seen in some countries of the world, it has raised concern for the people in India as well. Corona cases in these countries BF.7 Variant To worsen the situation, his case has also been confirmed in India. At present the situation here is quite controlled, in the last 24 hours 185 people have been found infected in the country. The Ministry of Health has appealed to all the people to keep following the Kovid Appropriate Behavior.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called a high-level meeting on Thursday afternoon to review the situation of Corona in the country and its related aspects.

Due to the deteriorating situation in many countries of the world, fear is being seen among people in India as well. Many types of questions are arising in the minds of the people, is the country moving towards another wave of Corona? Can there be a lockdown-like situation again? Let us understand this in detail from the experts.

Rescue is necessary, there will be no lockdown situation

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In view of the increasing threat of corona, health experts are constantly appealing to all people to follow preventive measures.

Keeping in mind the danger of corona, there is a need to increase testing, treatment and tracking of cases, says Dr Anil Goyal, senior physician of the Indian Medical Association. Individually all people have to be alert, even if your vaccination is complete. The immune system of the people of India is stronger than that of China, where 95 percent of the people have been vaccinated. If we take precautions then there will be no lockdown situation in the country.

Vigilance is necessary for all, vaccination will protect

Dr. Pallavi Saple, dean at JJ Hospital in Mumbai, says, lack of vaccination, non-availability of good quality vaccine are the main reasons for the increase in the cases of Kovid-19 in other countries including China. There is nothing to worry about in this regard in India, people have been vaccinated here and the situation is also under control. Nevertheless, one should not be negligent in being vigilant.

If there is even one case it can spread. The government has directed to conduct genome sequencing of each sample. Those who have not been vaccinated should get it done immediately. Avoid going to crowded places, diabetes-heart patients should take special care of their health.

Even if vaccination is done, prevention is necessary

In a conversation with Amar Ujala, Dr. Vikramjit Singh (Akash Healthcare, Delhi), Senior Physician of Intensive Care, says, the potential of immunity scape is being seen in new variants of Korana, in such a way it can infect vaccinated people as well. However, there is no risk of serious disease in such people in case of infection. That’s why even though your vaccination has been completed, it is very important to keep following the necessary measures like mask, social distancing. The condition of infection in you can increase problems for people with weak immunity or children-elderly in the family.

Take these eight things seriously

In view of the sudden increase in Covid cases in many countries, the Indian Medical Association has appealed to all people to follow Covid Appropriate Behavior with immediate effect. Follow these things strictly.

  • Wear face mask in public places.
  • Social distancing is very important for everyone.
  • Take care of hand hygiene, use sanitizer.
  • Avoid going to crowded places like marriage, political-social rallies.
  • Avoid international travel for the time being.
  • If the problem of breathing, cough, sore throat or loose motion persists for some time, then definitely consult a doctor in this regard.
  • Do get vaccinated. If eligible, get a booster dose done.
  • Keep strictly following the methods of prevention suggested by the government from time to time.


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