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Covid-19 Alert: Fear of fourth wave in January? These two conditions are increasing the danger – understand from the expert

These days the serious effect of Corona is being seen in many countries of the world including China. For the infection situation, experts are mainly considering the BF.7 variant of Omicron as the main reason, which is less serious but it is raising concern in terms of infectivity. Talking about the situation of Corona in India, the situation here seems to be quite controlled, the daily number of infected people is quite controlled at the moment. Infection has been confirmed in 243 people in the last 24 hours. Keeping in mind the global threat, people are constantly being appealed to follow the Covid Appropriate Behavior.

Meanwhile, according to recent reports, experts have appealed people to take special precautions for the next one and a half months. Government officials have warned the people that a surge in the number of corona cases could be seen in the country in the next 40 days. In such a situation, it is very important to follow all the necessary safety protocols and increase vaccination to prevent corona.

In such a situation, questions are arising whether the fourth wave of Corona can come in the country in the month of January? Some conditions can increase this risk, let’s understand about this.

assessment of past waves

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An official, requesting anonymity, told the media, “Assessing the experience of the last three years, it can be assumed that we need to take special precautions for the next one and a half months. In the past, whenever the cases of corona have increased at the global level, its effect has also been seen in India after one to one and a half months.

On this basis, we are apprehensive that the cases of infection may increase in the country in January. Although its severity is expected to be low, keeping this danger in mind, we need to be alerted now.

If you look at the past pattern of Corona, it can definitely be a fear, apart from this there are some situations which alert.

understand the pattern of corona

For the first time at the end of the year 2019, if we look at the pattern since the beginning of Corona till now, it is clear that the infection has increased in the winter season. Due to the delta variant, the second wave in the country started from February and came in March-April 2021. After this, the third wave of infection was seen in the year 2022, whose effect was more in January-February. Studies also confirm that cooler conditions help the virus to grow.

Corona risk in winter

Regarding the infection of weather-based coronavirus Nature Journal In a study published in, David Relman, a microbiologist at Stanford University in California, says cases of corona being more contagious have been observed during the winter season. The infectivity nature of the variants that cause influenza-like respiratory infections changes during the winter season. Laboratory studies suggest that the SARS-CoV-2 virus may also cause greater infectivity in cold and dry conditions.

Poor ventilation and temperature also factors

Mathematician Mauricio Santillana of Harvard Medical School says that people go out less during cold days. In homes and offices, people have more close contact with each other for a long time. The risk of transmission increases in places with poor ventilation, this can also be seen as a factor for the increase of corona in winter.

This type of environment helps the virus to spread rapidly, apart from this, the lack of temperature in the winter season is also a favorable condition for the virus.


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