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Coronavirus: Corona havoc in China, ‘antigen testing kit’ is not available in the market, this is the reason

Coronavirus in China: The outbreak of Corona virus in China is becoming frightening. Meanwhile, news is coming from there that even antigen testing kit is not available in the market. What is the reason behind this? Read this news…

There is a huge shortage of corona antigen test kits in China

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Corona virus is once again taking the form of an epidemic in China. The situation is such that people are dying from hospitals to the streets. Neither there is space left for treatment in hospitals, nor are testing kits available. Yes, if you check on any major e-commerce site in China at this time, ‘antigen testing kit’ (Antigen Test Kit) Will get very limited results. Not only this, the results you will get will also have ‘out of stock’ written on them, what is the reason for this…

According to a news from China Macro Economy, most of the Chinese pharmaceutical companies have applied for antigen test kits. ‘sold out’ K boards have been installed. Long queues of people can be seen at the drug stores where it is available.

Increased demand for medical supplies in China

The sudden lifting of restrictions related to the prevention of Kovid in China has increased the demand for medical supplies in many cities. Medicines to reduce fever, N-95 masks and antigen test kits are the main ones in this.

After the closure of the nucleic acid test site in China, people covid Doing tests to identify the virus. That’s why there has been a tremendous increase in the demand for antigen test kits.

Huge earnings of companies

A large medical manufacturing company in China Winner Medical It says that the company’s earnings from the antigen test kit in recent times were as much as the total earnings from it in the early months of 2022.

However, in the midst of this chaos, it is becoming difficult for the Chinese people to buy the rapid test kit of Corona. Wang Fei, a local resident of Wuhan, says that ever since the restrictions to prevent Kovid-19 were lifted, since then the medical store in her neighborhood has not received antigen test kits. It’s been two weeks since I ordered online, but it hasn’t even been shipped from the online store yet.

This is the reason for the shortage of kits

Companies making antigen test kits say that more production of the kit requires time. Shortage has arisen in the market due to sudden increase in demand and lack of supply. At the same time, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said in a State Council meeting on Wednesday that government authorities need to increase the capacity of companies to meet the growing demand for medical equipment related to the prevention of Kovid.

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Currently, 42 companies in China have permission to manufacture antigen test kits. While more than 100 companies have applied for this.


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