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Corona remained under control in Mumbai, so BMC issued guidelines

Mumbai Corona: The growing havoc of Corona around the world has raised India’s concerns. Implementation of special measures has started in Maharashtra’s capital Mumbai and its adjoining district Thane. BMC has issued special guidelines.

State governments are active regarding BF-7 variant in India

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Korana’s havoc is increasing rapidly in countries like Japan, America, Korea, Brazil including China. This has increased the concern of India as well. Maharashtra government has also become alert. state capital Mumbai Due to this, there is a need to be more careful here. Meanwhile, the Municipal Corporation of Mumbai (BMC) has released a press note. Under this, a special notice and guidelines related to Corona have been issued. Stay under control of corona infection in Mumbai, keeping this objective in mind, BMC has corona guidelines is issued.

An appeal has been made to Mumbaikars that they will follow the guidelines and save themselves and their city from corona infection. Mumbai Municipal Corporation is going to rapidly increase the campaign of tracing, tracking and testing. Most attention is being paid to giving booster doses of the vaccine to the people. Emphasis will be laid on making facilities for hospitals, beds, oxygen beds with Kovid specialty.

Arrangement of corona treatment in these hospitals

Currently, BMC’s Seven Hill and Kasturba Hospitals are working for the treatment of corona in Mumbai. Apart from these, Cama Hospital, St. George Hospital, Tata Hospital, Jagjivan Ram Hospital will be government hospitals for corona treatment and the remaining 26 hospitals will provide private treatment facilities.

Corona war room and vaccination campaign started again

Apart from this, once again BMC War Room is going to start 24/7. People will be able to contact the war room for any information, advice and assistance related to Corona. Mass vaccination campaign will be started again.

BMC made this appeal to the people

BMC has appealed to the people to strictly wear masks, follow social distancing, wash hands frequently and adopt hygiene if they go to crowded areas. If you see any symptoms, stay at home, don’t go out. The elderly and patients with diabetes or hypertension need special care.

Make sure to get a booster dose after completing the vaccination.

An appeal has been made to the people that they must get a booster dose after completing the vaccination. In the previous waves of Corona, a large number of patients were revealed in Mumbai. There was a lockdown for many days. In such a situation, Mumbai Municipal Administration is taking extreme caution once again in view of the increasing havoc of Corona in the world.

Some special measures for Thane Municipal Corporation area as well

Some special measures are also being implemented for the areas falling in the Thane Municipal Corporation area. The number of RTPCR and antigen tests in these areas is currently very less. Thane Municipal Commissioner Abhijit Bangar has given instructions to do 2000 tests everyday. Instructions have been given to start testing in Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Hospital, parking plaza, civil health center, railway stations. It is necessary to receive the report within 24 hours of taking the sample, delay will not be tolerated. The labs will work in three shifts and will be open 24 hours.

Emphasis on vaccination, availability of medicines, arrangement of oxygen, instructions have been given to keep beds ready. The concerned departments will carry out the responsibility of taking stock of the facilities of the Covid centers from time to time. Instructions have been given to ensure facilities like oxygen, fire, structural, electrification and water supply etc.


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