Corona panic again in Maharashtra, 32 new cases surfaced, maximum cases in Mumbai and Pune

Maharashtra Corona Updates: Once again there is panic of Corona in Maharashtra. On Friday, 32 new cases of corona were reported in the state. Of these, 11 cases have been found in Mumbai and 11 in Pune.

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Corona has once again created an outcry across the world including China, Japan, America, South Korea and Brazil. The number of people who died of corona in China is increasing day by day. According to a report, almost half of the population of China is currently battling Corona. So India too Corona Has come in alert mode regarding. In India too, 214 new cases have come to the fore in 24 hours. Of these, 4 have also died. Maharashtra Talking about it, 32 new cases were reported here on Friday. Mumbai and Pune It is at the forefront.

In the case of new Kovid cases, Maharashtra is currently at number three among the states of India. With the arrival of 32 new cases, at present there are 134 new cases in the state. Out of the thirty-two new cases that came up, 11 were found in Mumbai and 11 in Pune. In this way, 81 lakh 36 thousand 780 corona cases have been reported in Maharashtra so far. Corona testing of 12 thousand 96 people has been done.

32 new cases came in Maharashtra, 11 in Mumbai and 11 in Pune.

According to the information given by the Central Government on Friday, 11 sub-variants of Omicron have been found in 124 international passengers in the country in 11 days. First of all, there was a stir when a 38-year-old woman reached Mumbai from Australia on 23 December. This woman went to Jabalpur from Mumbai. She was found corona infected. Samples of the woman concerned have been sent for genome sequencing. Samples of the woman’s relatives have also been sent for genome sequencing.

More fear in Kerala-Karnataka, Maharashtra-Delhi at number three-fourth

Kerala’s figure in new Covid cases is even more frightening. 65 new corona cases have come to the fore in Kerala. There are currently 525 active cases in Kerala. After Kerala, the maximum number of new cases have been reported in Karnataka. 38 new corona cases have been reported in Karnataka. At present there are 278 active covid cases in Karnataka. In this way Maharashtra’s number is after Kerala and Karnataka. After Maharashtra, 8 new cases have come in Delhi. There are currently 23 active cases in Delhi. In this way, at present there are 2509 active corona cases in India.