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Corona havoc in China, will there be a lockdown in India? Dr. Anil Goyal of IMA gave this information

Dr. Anil Goyal of the Indian Medical Association says that 95% of the population in India has been vaccinated. There is no possibility of situation like China due to Kovid here.

Weeds from Corona in China

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in china havoc of corona continues. Every day new cases are increasing. The number of patients in hospitals is increasing rapidly. There is a shortage of medicines at medical stores. Corona in China Since the situation is visible out of control. Apart from China, cases and deaths of Kovid are also increasing in countries like America and Japan. Due to this India has also come on alert mode. People are worried that there should not be a situation like China in India and here again lockdown The situation should not be created. Although experts say that there will be no threat from Corona in India.

Dr. Anil Goyal of the Indian Medical Association says that 95% of the population in India has been vaccinated, so the country will not be kept in lockdown. Indians have a stronger immune system than the people of China. India should now follow the methods of prevention from COVID. Under this, there is a need to increase testing and tracing.

Omicron’s bf.7 variant has been available in India for several months

Epidemiologist Dr. Anshuman Kumar says that Omicron’s bf.7 variant has been present in India for several months. Due to this only flu-like symptoms have been seen here. This variant will not be as dangerous for India like China, although it is still necessary that people should be cautious about Kovid now. Wear a mask while going out and take care of hygiene.

Vaccination is also happening fast in India. According to the Ministry of Health, 220.03 crore doses of Kovid vaccine have been given so far in the country under the nationwide vaccination campaign. Vaccination is much better than China. Immunity exists against Kovid in India. Also all the variants of Omicron have already come here. In such a situation, there is no need to panic.

Scaling up genome sequencing

Genome sequencing is being increased in the country to identify mutations or any new variants in Kovid. Instructions have been given to all the states in this regard. There was a meeting of the Ministry of Health on Wednesday, after which people have been asked to be cautious about Kovid. It is advised to use mask and get booster dose. Along with this, the investigation at the airport has also been increased.

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