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Corona cases will increase in India in January? Know what experts say

Covid cases in India: Epidemiologists say that there is currently no threat from Covid in India. Even if there are small peaks in some areas, then there will not be that much increase in the cases of corona due to which there is any danger.

Large number of Kovid cases may come in January

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Corona in India: China in many countries around the world including Corona cases are growing rapidly. The condition is worst in China and Japan. The situation in these countries is looking out of control due to Covid. The cases are increasing daily. Hundreds of people are dying. Seeing the increasing danger abroad, India is also on alert mode. Here covid All necessary precautions are being taken to avoid it. Meanwhile, some officials of the Ministry of Health have expressed apprehension that the cases of Kovid may increase in India in January.

This assessment is being done keeping in view the old pattern of Corona. But can corona cases really increase in January? Let us know what epidemiologists say about this.

Epidemiologist Professor Dr. Jugal Kishore explains that the coming of the next wave of Kovid is sometimes done on the basis of mathematical models, but it is not necessary that after 30 to 35 days of increase in cases abroad, cases will also increase in India. . Cases have been increasing in China for the last several months, but at present no effect is visible in India. That’s why it is not necessary that cases will increase in the country in the coming days as well.

There will be danger from any new variant

According to Dr. Kishore, cases are increasing in China due to four variants of Corona, but all other variants including bf.7 variant are already present in India, but cases have not increased here. There will be an increase in cases here only when a new variant comes, although there is a continuous mutation in the Kovid virus. In such a situation, there is a danger of new variants coming. Genome sequencing has to be increased for its identification. With this only new strains can be identified.

Dr. Kishore says that at present there is no threat from Kovid in India. Even if there are small peaks in some areas, there will not be that much increase in the cases of corona, due to which there is concern. That’s why people do not need to panic. It is just an advice to the people that they should strictly follow the rules of prevention from Kovid. Be careful in celebrating the new year. Elderly and patients suffering from chronic disease should take special care of this.

get booster dose

Epidemiologist Dr. Anshuman Kumar says that those at high risk must get a booster dose of Covid. This can prevent any risk of infection in future. Dr. Kumar says that at present there is nothing to worry about Kovid in India, but it is very important to keep an eye on Kovid’s mutation.

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