Confusion in the symptoms of corona, flu and common cold? Identify in these 9 ways

Covid and flu symptoms: The normal duration of flu symptoms is one to three days. Symptoms of coronavirus can also last two to 14 days. The average time to recover from flu is seven to ten days.

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Covid and flu symptoms difference: cold Many types of infectious diseases are in full swing during the season. Flu cases are also increasing. it makes people common cold and cough The problem is also happening. In such a situation, it can sometimes be difficult to understand whether we have cold, flu or corona virus are symptoms of. Therefore, it is necessary to understand how to differentiate between them. Let us know the difference between them.

The typical duration of flu symptoms is one to three days. Symptoms of the coronavirus can also last two to 14 days. The average time to recover from the flu is seven to ten days, while the recovery time from the corona virus is considered to be at least ten days, especially for people with Those who have severe infection. There is no problem after flu, but after Kovid infection, many types of health problems can occur.

identify the difference like this

1. Fever: Fever rarely occurs in the common cold, but occurs in coronavirus and flu. Patients with COVID-19 usually have a fever of 100 F or higher, while patients with the flu often have a fever of 100 F to 102 F for three to four days.

2. Headache: Patients of Kovid-19 sometimes experience headache. People who have flu often have a severe headache. Colds rarely cause headaches, but allergies can sometimes do so.

3. Excessive fatigue: Coronavirus patients sometimes experience this severe form of fatigue, but it usually develops slowly. On the other hand, there is often a lot of fatigue as one of the early symptoms of flu. There is no experience of fatigue in winter.

4. Body aches and pains: Due to the flu virus, there is often a lot of pain in the body. Coronavirus can sometimes cause pain, but not always.

5. fatigue: Similar to body aches, fatigue and weakness are more prevalent and usually more severe during flu than during coronavirus infection.

6.Coughing: A sore throat or one or more of these symptoms are sometimes associated with the flu, but none of these are common with the coronavirus. Cough is caused by both flu and corona virus.

7.breathlessness: An important symptom that is more common in severe coronavirus infections than in the flu. Get emergency medical help if you have this potentially fatal symptom.

8,shortness of breath: One of the most prominent symptoms of Kovid-19 is shortness of breath. But in SARS-CoV-2, the probability doubles when it is accompanied by other significant symptoms like fever and cough.

9.Loss of taste or smell: A characteristic of Covid-19 is the loss of taste and smell. A person should sample food with strong spices and see if they can detect any difference in flavors to test for loss of taste at home. In case of common cold, nothing of this sort happens.

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