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Children are getting this disease due to excessive use of phones, know the methods of prevention

Tech neck disease: Children’s hands are getting numb due to excessive use of smartphones. This is causing a lot of damage to his body. The problem of neck and headache is increasing a lot.

Excessive use of phone is making sick

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Smartphone side effects: in the last few years smart fone The use of has increased a lot. People stay busy with it for hours. Since the Corona epidemic, the habit of using smartphones has increased even among children. Children are using them for online classes and other works, but excessive use is harming their health. Due to this, children are now falling prey to a disease. to this disease tech-neck is called. Earlier cases of this disease did not come in children, but now cases are being reported.

According to the report of NBT, plastic surgeon Dr Risard Westrach in New York says that children’s hands are getting numb due to excessive use of smartphones. This is causing a lot of damage to his body. Children are having pain in neck, head, shoulders and back. About 20 percent of the children who come daily are facing this problem. Earlier such problems were faced by those people who used to work sitting in front of the laptop for hours, but now children are also facing the problem of tech-neck. Due to this, there is pain in his muscles and there is also a problem in his neck. Physical activity in the child has also reduced considerably. Due to this the weight is also increasing.

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Sitting in the same posture is also increasing the problem

According to doctors, children stay in the same posture for hours while using smart phones. This is also affecting the muscles and joints of the neck. Due to stress in the muscles of the neck, there has been swelling in the area of ​​the skull. Which is causing a lot of trouble. Many children are facing the problem of hand numbness, while muscle pain is also increasing. If it is not treated on time, then it keeps on increasing slowly and later it becomes a big problem. Due to this, the posture of the shoulders can also change along with the problem of tilting the head forward. Due to this, the body will not feel right while walking.

How to avoid tech-neck

Set phone time limits for kids

Do not let typepass using smartphone and get physical activity done

Do not give phone to children at night

If the child has pain in the neck, back or arm, consult a doctor immediately.

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