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Cervical Pain: What is cervical pain, know its symptoms and methods of prevention

The way you sit or sleep is also wrong and if you have pain in the back of your neck and shoulder, then you may have a problem with cervical pain. Continuous working on computer or talking on mobile for a long time in the same posture can also be the cause of cervical. Indian women are the most victims of this.

Cervical causes pain in the shoulder, back and back of the neck. This can happen due to wrong posture while lying or sitting or using mobile for a long time. Cervical problems are more common in people who work on computers for long hours. If you work on the computer while sitting in the same posture, then there is pressure on the back of your shoulder and neck, which causes the problem of cervical pain. Cervical is the name of a bone that is in the back of the neck. Talking on mobile for a long time can also cause cervical pain. According to a recent research, the problem of cervical pain has been found to be maximum among Indian women. One in 50 Indian women has a cervical problem. If the problem increases, the death of the patient can also happen.

symptoms of cervical
Pain or stiffness in the neck, stiff neck are its common symptoms. Cervical problems occur when there is a problem in the joint part of the neck and spine called the cervical spine.

Causes and prevention of cervical pain

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continuous computer work
Working on the computer continuously in the same posture puts pressure on your shoulder and spine bones, which causes cervical problems. While working on the computer, keep taking breaks in between. Do not work continuously in the same posture, due to which you may have problems other than cervical. The sitting posture should be correct while working. Do not work by tilting the head in one direction, this will put extra pressure on the neck and shoulders and you may become a victim of cervical pain.

too much stress
Excessive stress can also cause cervical pain, so avoid taking any kind of tension or excessive stress, if there is any problem, diagnose it or consult a psychiatrist.

wrong way to sleep
The wrong way of sleeping can also give you cervical pain. That’s why keep the sleeping posture correct. Choose a comfortable bed while sleeping. Wrong sleeping posture can have a wrong effect on your neck and spine.

Daily yoga and exercise can be helpful in relieving you of cervical discomfort. This is a better option to make your immunity strong as well.

ice training
If you have a problem with cervical pain and you are unable to go to the doctor for some reason, then ice compress will give you relief from cervical pain.

Disclaimer: The tips in this article are for general information only. Do not consider these tips and information as advice from any doctor or medical professional. In case of symptoms of any disease, do consult a doctor.


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