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Cases of these two variants of Corona are increasing in the country, experts gave advice for protection

Omicron variant xbb 1.5: Scientists have also said that xbb 1.5 variant can dodge immunity and it can cause reinfection. Cases of this variant have also been reported in India.

States are getting alert about Corona

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Corona new variant in India: in many countries of the world Corona cases are increasing continuously. In China, America and Japan, the situation has worsened due to Kovid. in china omicron bf.7 variants And due to the X-BB variant in America and Japan, cases of virus are increasing. The number of infected people is increasing rapidly in all the three countries and most of the people are getting infected with these variants only. In America, the xbb 1.5 variant of Omicron has become very contagious and 40 to 45 percent of people are getting infected.

Scientists have also said that the xbb 1.5 variant can dodge immunity and it can cause reinfection. Cases of this variant have also been reported in India, although at present there is no increase in new cases of Kovid in the country. All necessary steps are being taken to prevent the virus. At present, more cases of two variants of corona are coming in the country. According to INSACOG, the number of infected with X-BB 1.5 sub-variant has increased to seven in India. Apart from this, cases of bf.7 variants are also increasing here. In the past, three infected of this variant have been found in West Bengal.

xbb 1.5 variant very contagious

Experts believe that the xbb 1.5 variant is more contagious than the bf.7 variant. Cases of the BF.7 variant are found only in China, but X-BB 1.5 is spreading worldwide. According to virologist Andrew Pekoz, the X-BB variant is very contagious and has spread to about 30 countries in a few months. . It started in Singapore where this variant was found in about 55 percent of the people. X-BB is very contagious and it can make people with weak immunity a victim. So there is a need to protect it.

How much is the danger in India?

Epidemiologist Dr. Anshuman Kumar says that both these variants of Omicron are very contagious. At present, their cases are less in India, but they spread rapidly. In such a situation, people should remain alert. There is a danger of increasing cases of flu and virus in this season anyway. In this case, it is necessary to protect. People will have to use masks and it is also advised to get booster dose. Although any variant of Omicron in India will not pose the same threat that is being seen in other countries.

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