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Cancer treatment is possible, but it is necessary to identify the symptoms on time: Experts

Cancer treatment: Many cases of cancer are reported in advanced stage, due to which treatment becomes a challenge, although now patients are being treated with many better techniques.

cancer is very dangerous

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Cancer disease: Worldwide cancer cases are increasing every year. Due to this, the figures of deaths of patients are also increasing. Chemotherapy has an important role in the treatment of cancer. However, the cost of the medicines used in it is very high. A book titled Impact of Patents on Chemotherapy Drugs in the Treatment of Cancer has been published, in which concern has been expressed over the high cost of chemotherapy drugs used in the treatment of cancer. The book, published in two volumes, was inaugurated by former Director General (Patents, Design & Trademark) and former Chairman, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Center Dr. Edited by V. Swaminathan.

Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Center Chairman Dr. Rakesh Chopra said that the book is very important. A very important issue has been raised in this. The doctor said that the treatment of cancer is possible, but it is important that its symptoms are identified on time. The doctor said that most people in India are not aware of the symptoms of cancer. This is the reason why this disease is not recognized on time. Many cases of cancer are reported in advanced stages, making treatment a challenge, although patients are now being treated with better techniques.

chemotherapy is very important

Dr. Swaminathan said that new achievements in the field of chemotherapy have made this method of treatment even more important. After the diagnosis of the disease with the help of chemotherapy, the rate of saving the lives of patients has increased significantly. Although expensive chemotherapy drugs are still a big problem for cancer patients. Intellectual property protection is also the reason for the cost of new chemotherapy drugs. Steps need to be taken to reduce the prices of these medicines.

Medicines are expensive due to patents

Director of Medical Oncology, RGCI, Dr. Vineet Talwar said that due to patents, medicines become expensive. Due to which patients have to face trouble in a country like India. Insurance cover in India is barely 10 percent. In such a situation, many patients are not able to take advantage of good medicines. Although there is a lot of improvement in the treatment of cancer, but even today it is most important that the patients should have all the information about its symptoms.

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