Brazilian President Bolsonaro can reverse the game even after losing the election, know which bet he played



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Brazil election (representational photo)

President Bolsonaro & Brazil Election: Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has already lost the election three weeks ago, but he is not able to tolerate it. Therefore, three weeks after the election results, he has now played a new bet. This has once again created heat in Brazilian politics. Bolsonaro has questioned the election result itself, citing a software bug on Tuesday, more than three weeks after his election defeat. At the same time, he has demanded the election authorities to cancel the votes cast through most of the country’s ‘Electronic Voting Machines’ (EVMs). This has caused a stir in the political corridors of Brazil.

Bolsonaro’s advocate says that only valid votes should be counted. A large number of invalid votes have been cast. They claim that if valid votes are counted, the election result can be changed. However, in this case, experts say that this ‘bug’ did not affect the credibility of the result. While the lawyer who filed the 33-page appeal on behalf of President Bolsonaro and his ‘Liberal Party’ said that after the cancellation of the votes, Bolsonaro would have 51 percent of the valid votes and he would win the election again.

Former President Lula de Silva has been declared victorious

Electoral authorities have already declared former President Luiz Inacio Lula de Silva the winner, and many of Bolsonaro’s allies have accepted the results. However, Bolsonaro’s refusal to give up led to demonstrations in several cities and refused to accept the result. Liberal Party leader Valdemar Costa and a party accountant said the internal ‘log’ of some 280,000 machines from before 2020 did not have personal identification numbers. He said that this ‘bug’ was not detected earlier. Despite this, experts say that this has not affected the results.

Wilson Ruggiero, a professor of computer engineering and digital systems at the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo, pointed out that each voting machine is still easily identifiable by other means, such as its city and voting district. He said that this does not raise any question on the credibility of the election result.

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