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Big disclosure: The severity of BF.7 is less, then why the situation worsened in China? Scientists said – such danger in many countries

The sudden increase in cases of corona infection in China has become a cause of global concern. In a recent report, the World Health Organization has alerted all countries and advised them to speed up preventive measures. The highly-contagious Omicron BF.7 variant is believed to be a major cause of corona infection in China, although research suggests that although the infectivity rate of this variant is high, it has a low risk of severe disease. In such a situation, a big question arises that then what is the situation in China taking serious form so fast? Why is this variant with mild symptoms proving so severe in China?

The Tibet press has made a big disclosure in this regard. According to the report, the effectiveness of the vaccine given to the people of China is seen to be very low, due to which people are facing serious complications due to mild variants like Omicron in case of infection here. At present, low levels of antibodies are being seen in most of the infected people in China, due to which not only the risk of infection has increased, but serious health problems are also being seen in people. Experts say that countries that have used China’s vaccine need to remain alert and take measures to increase immunity of the people.

Very low effectiveness of Chinese vaccines, risk of side effects

According to the report of Tibet Press, health experts say that due to the low effectiveness of Chinese vaccines, the immunity of the people here is low, which is the reason why the infection is taking such a serious form here. The immunity of the people in the countries where Chinese vaccines have been imposed is also questionable and there can be a risk of serious diseases in case of infection. Keeping such risks in mind, governments need to re-think about vaccination.

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Some reports are claiming that people have also experienced serious side-effects from the Chinese vaccine, which also points to a danger.

Which countries had imported vaccines

According to media reports, Indonesia, Turkistan, Brazil, Iran, Pakistan, Colombia, Sri Lanka, Chile, Mexico, Bangladesh had exported the Chinese vaccine. In December 2020, Indonesia and Brazil initially claimed the effectiveness of the Chinese vaccine to be 78-97%. However, now in view of the deteriorating situation in China, the Turkish government has started investigating the effectiveness of these vaccines. In some reports, it is being claimed that China has also done data tempering to hide the side-effects of its vaccine, after such cases came to the fore, the countries exporting the vaccine re-examined its effectiveness. have started.

People have less protective antibodies even after vaccination

According to reports, by the year 2021, China has given 2.4 billion doses to its citizens and around 1.3 billion vaccine doses have been distributed worldwide. By 2022, the vaccine maker Sinopharm claims to have distributed more than 3.5 billion doses worldwide. According to the report of Tibet Press, a document leaked online is claiming that the reliability of the vaccine was already being questioned. Citing a survey, the report said, in the Chinese province of Sichuan, more than 60 percent of people surveyed experienced re-infection after vaccination and most people experienced its side-effects. However, the Chinese government did not share the details of these reports.


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