Biden’s big statement on the missile attack in Poland, said- Russia is less likely to be tainted




Worldwide discussion about Poland missile attack
Poland said the attack was carried out by a Russian-made missile.
Biden said Russia is less likely to fire missiles

Indonesia: A big statement of US President Joe Biden has come to the fore regarding the missile attack on Poland. US President Joe Biden said that the possibility of Russia firing the missile that fell in Poland is less, but he will cooperate with Poland’s investigation. Regarding the missile attack, Poland says that a “Russian-made” missile fell in the eastern part of the country. Due to which two people died. After this, Biden called an emergency meeting of the leaders of G7 and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) countries in Indonesia.

Biden is in Indonesia
On the question of Russia firing the missile, Biden told reporters that preliminary information refutes it. Given the trajectory, it is unlikely to be fired by Russia, but we will look into it. At the same time, three US officials told on the condition of anonymity that according to the preliminary investigation, the missile that fell in Poland was launched by the Ukrainian army in response to the missile fired by Russia.

Biden spoke to the President of Poland
Regarding the whole matter, US President Biden tweeted, “America will cooperate fully in the investigation of Poland.” We reiterate America’s unwavering commitment to NATO.” Biden said he briefed allies on his talks with Duda and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg and supported Poland’s investigation into the attack. Everyone is unanimous about it. Biden said that I will make sure that whatever has actually happened is known. Only after this we will be able to decide further strategy. Biden held this meeting in a ballroom of his hotel. It was attended by the leaders of the G7 and the prime ministers of NATO allies Spain and the Netherlands. The G7 includes Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Britain and the European Union.

Biden met UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak separately
US President Joe Biden also met Rishi Sunak separately. US President Biden said that as long as Russia’s aggression continues, we will continue to support Ukraine. In the presence of Sunak, Biden said that thankfully we have an opinion about this. Let us tell you that the Foreign Ministry of Poland issued a statement late on Tuesday night saying that the missile has been detected to be made in Russia. However, Polish President Andrzej Duda said that the authorities are yet to ascertain who fired the missile and from where. He said that it is probably Russian made, but this fact is yet to be confirmed.

Biden said the leaders have condemned the recent Russian missile attacks
Significantly, on Tuesday, Russia carried out airstrikes on energy and other installations from east to west of Ukraine, causing a major power crisis. US President Biden said that when world leaders gathered at the G-20 to call for de-escalation, Russia stepped up attacks in Ukraine. There have been several missile attacks in western Ukraine. Let us tell you that Biden and his allies are calling for the isolation of Russia in the G-20 and in the last release of the group, most of the member countries are likely to condemn the Russian aggression.

Russia refused
Russia’s Defense Ministry has denied involvement in the missile attack near the Ukraine-Poland border, saying in a statement that the damage allegedly seen in the photos had nothing to do with Russian weapons. Meanwhile, Stoltenberg called an emergency meeting of envoys of the coalition countries in Brussels to discuss the missile attack near Poland’s border with Ukraine. The UN Security Council is also expected to meet on Wednesday. Today’s Council meeting on the situation in Ukraine was already scheduled.

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